Olivia Y Los Monos

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OLIVIA Y LOS MONOS is a High Beginner, Low Intermediate Spanish novella.
OLIVIA Y LOS MONOS is based on the true story of the Mishahuallí monkeys. Mishahuallí is a small village in the Ecuadorian Amazon where, for better or for worse, humans and monkeys share their home.
Olivia is a very curious 16-year-old girl who likes to travel and who loves animals. She travels with her parents to Misahuallí. She is fascinated with the group of wild monkeys that live in the town. The monkeys approach and interact with tourists and the town’s people.
In OLIVIA Y LOS MONOS one after another amusing situation occurs with the monkeys. Olivia narrates the story. Ecuadorian Verónica Moscoso, the author of this novella, visited Misahuallí to make a documentary. There she met the famous monkeys. This book is based on events that she witnessed and filmed and on stories that the town’s people told her.
It is almost entirely in the present tense with a smattering of past tense and no subjunctive. With about 285 unique words and plenty of repetition, it tells a 2,700-word story. A full glossary for each of the seven chapters is included.
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