Expert Secrets – Body Language & Manipulation: The Ultimate Guide To Learn How To Analyze People, Control Emotions, Influence, Mind Control, And Persuasion With The Power Of Dark Psychology & Nlp!

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Would you like to:
• Improve your negotiation skills?
• Become a better communicator?
• Have more influence on people?
Yes? Then it’s time to master non-verbal communication!
Everything we want to achieve is on the other end of quality communication. Whether it’s a perfect romantic partner or a big job promotion, we need to exert influence and charisma to achieve these goals. And what happens if you’re talking the talk, but no results appear? It’s easy to blame the outside world, but the solution can be as simple as standing up straight.
That’s right. Some studies say that over 80% of communication occurs non-verbally, and a large part of that is body language and the image we present. From the way you stand, walk, and gesture, you could be telling one thing, but the listener could be hearing something completely different. This is why it’s incredibly important that you master body language!
Here’s what you’ll learn in this self-help mastery audiobook:
• Analyzing Body Language: How to recognize positive and negative signals, identify the true emotions of your friends, family, and colleagues, and understand the psychology behind body language
• Non-Verbal Communication: Accelerate your path to success and become a master of non-verbal communication by learning how to control your body language and project confidence
• Persuasion Techniques: Read other people’s thoughts and recognize what they want with techniques that will help you use your body language to become more influential and persuasive
• Manipulation and NLP: Dark psychology tactics you need to learn in order to recognize the body language of a manipulator and stop falling victim to their plots
Ready to become a body language master?


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