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  • Jim Ross on His New Memoir, Leaving WWE For AEW, The Revival's WWE Release & More

    11/04/2020 Duración: 34min

    AEW announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discusses his new memoir Under the Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond, leaving WWE and going to AEW, why Steve Austin turning heel at WrestleMania X-Seven was a mistake, AEW and WWE holding shows during the COVID-19 pandemic, his thoughts on the cinematic matches at WrestleMania 36, the Revival's WWE release and how they would fit in AEW, finding the balance between in-ring product and entertainment aspects of wrestling plus much more. 0:00: Introduction 0:41: On writing his new memoir Under the Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond and what the book covers 3:06: On when the process of writing the book began 4:06: On his relationship with Vince McMahon, staying friends even with his going to AEW and why he left WWE 6:35: On his memories of WrestleMania X-Seven, Steve Austin turning heel and how Undertaker vs. Triple H was booked 8:53: On if Austin's heel turn falling short influenced WWE to keep John Cena & Roman Reigns as babyfaces, why Cena stayed babyf

  • MLW Star Richard Holliday on the Dynasty's Wins at MLW vs. AAA, Feud With Mance Warner, Coronavirus Tips & More

    02/04/2020 Duración: 20min

    MLW Star Holliday discusses the Dynasty's victories and winning over the "consumers" at MLW vs. AAA Super Series, the group's feud with Mance Warner, what it's like to become the faces of MLW, his plans to turn Major League into Dynasty League Wrestling, if he would be open to adding more members to the Dynasty, his tips for social distancing and much more. 0:00: Introduction 1:07: On how the Dynasty is handling MLW's shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic 1:56: On the Dynasty's successful title defenses at AAA vs. MLW Super Series 3:02: On MLW and Savio Vega's claims he stole the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship 3:36: On Mance Warner spitting beer in his face and costing him a win against Blue Meanie on MLW: Fusion, Warner being jealous of the Dynasty 7:07: On Warner's challenge to MJF to an Empty Arena Loser Leaves Town challenge, what MJF thinks of Warner 7:45: On what's next for the Dynasty, potentially setting their sights on MLW Heavyweight Title 8:45: On how it feels like to be turning into the face

  • Dark Side of the Ring Producer Evan Husney On the Reaction to Season 2 Premiere, Working with Martha Hart, More

    28/03/2020 Duración: 15min

    Dark Side of the Ring producer Evan Husney talks about the reaction to the season two premiere, taking a different approach to the Chris Benoit episode, working with Martha Hart on the upcoming Owen Hart episode, if they have any ideas for season three episodes and more. 0:00: Introduction 0:15: On his reaction to the response to the Chris Benoit-focused season premiere 1:16: On how important it was to get Daniel Benoit and Sandra Toffoloni's story told in the Benoit episode 2:18: On the episode's different approach to the Benoit story 3:53: On the presentation having a different feel in season two, making the Benoit episode feel more intimate 5:18: On if David Benoit's sister and mother not being in the episode 6:18: On not making the docuseries a hitpiece on professional wrestling while still taking an honest look at the industry 9:49: On whether they had any episodes that didn't come together for season two that they're considering for a possible third season 11:41: On getting Martha Hart to agree to work

  • Chris Jericho On Narrating Dark Side of the Ring Season 2, Chris Benoit Episode And More

    23/03/2020 Duración: 14min

    AEW star Chris Jericho discusses his involvement in season two of Dark Side of the Ring, the season premiere episode on Chris Benoit, his match with Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution and more 0:00: Introduction 0:51: On being brought on for the episode and whether he had any reservations doing it 2:18: On the episode's different approach to the Benoit story 3:25: On Benoit's importance to his own career and Benoit matches not being included in WWE retrospectives 5:04: On Chris and Nancy Benoit's family members participating in the episode and telling their story and bringing them together 9:29: On narrating the rest of season two's episodes, being a fan of the show's first season 10:24: On Dark Side of the Ring tapping into wrestling history and shedding a new light on wrestling stories 12:43: On losing the AEW Championship at AEW Revolution to Jon Moxley, Moxley being one of AEW's early big stars

  • Gail Kim On Her Kayfabe Kickstarter With Christy Hemme & Lita, Her WWE and TNA Runs And More

    17/03/2020 Duración: 30min

    TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim discusses her Kayfabe project with Christy Hemme and Lita that you can support via Kickstarter, winning the WWE Women's Championship in her debut match, whether the TNA Knockouts paved the way for the Women's evolution in WWE, ending her career on her own terms, her storyline with the Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan, whether she would accept a WWE Hall of Fame induction and much more. 0:00: Introduction 0:56: On the premise of Kayfabe, the uniqueness of the project being wrestling told from a women's perspective 3:14: On the stories being told and how it's scripted with writers, whether the stories are coming from Kim, Hemme and Lita's lives 5:00: On the production team for the show including Chavo Guerrero, Dave Sehadi and more 6:23: On Kim's WWE Women's Championship win in her debut for the company, her reaction and why she has mixed emotions about it 9:14: On whether what she and Awesome Kong did in TNA with the Knockouts paved the way for WWE's Women's evolution 12:47: On her retu

  • MLW's Alexander Hammerstone On His Match at AAA vs. MLW Super Series, Reinventing Himself, More

    11/03/2020 Duración: 25min

    MLW star Alexander Hammerstone discusses his match with Laredo Kid at the AAA vs. MLW Super Series on Friday, the Dynasty's feud with Mance Warner, rumors of a new MLW TV deal, how he reinvented himself, the Dynasty's goals for 2020 and more. 0:00: Introduction 0:17: On his match against Laredo Kid and representing MLW on the card against AAA 2:21: On if there's extra pressure for the match by being in Mexico for his title 3:52: On whether it's more important for him to win the match for MLW or to retain his title 4:40: On how the Dynasty fits together as a group, their chemistry as an alliance, and Medina joining the group 7:15: On the Dynasty's feud with Mance Warner and if Warner is a bad example for pro wrestling 10:58: On being the sole MLW National Openweight Champion thus far 12:30: On who he credits for bringing the Dynasty together 13:15: On how he's reinvented himself and initially feeling pressure to be a certain type of character, being inspired by Fight Club 16:40: On if Richard is making sure h

  • Mance Warner On His Feud With Dynasty, Rivalry With Nick Gage, Match With Jerry Lawler, More

    19/02/2020 Duración: 26min

    MLW star Mance Warner discusses his rivalry with Dynasty and a possible shot at Alexander Hammerstone's MLW Openweight Title, his many matches and rivalry with Nick Gage, wrestling Jerry Lawler in GameChanger Wrestling, how to prepare for a barbed wire match, hardcore wrestling being misunderstood and much more. 0:00: Introduction 1:35: On how he's been liking his run in MLW so far 2:23: On Dynasty starting a war with him and how he'll react, wanting a shot at Alexander Hammerstone's MLW Openweight Title 3:52: On his current status with MLW 4:10: On fans having more variety in wrestling than ever 5:29: On his hardcore, rougher style being misunderstood by some fans and hardcore wrestlers being underrated as workers 7:58: On fans being able to speak their opinions and his connection with the fanbase 10:08: On his match with Jerry Lawler at GCW's 2 Cups Stuffed last year 12:07: On being a storyteller in the ring as opposed to just doing moves in the ring 13:10: On being a lifelong fan of wrestling, who he loo

  • Tom Lawler On Facing Killer Kross at MLW: Fightland, King Mo Joining MLW, MMA Fighters Moving to Pro Wrestling, More

    01/02/2020 Duración: 27min

    MLW star "Filthy" Tom Lawlor discusses his match with Killer Kross at MLW: Fightland this weekend, the talent roster in MLW, Court Bauer giving him freedom in his creative work, King Mo's arrival in MLW, the trend of MMA fighters transitioning to professional wrestling and more. 0:00: Introduction 0:19: On his match with Killer Kross at MLW Fightland this weekend, being the veteran in MLW against Kross 2:36: On whether his MMA background makes him overpowered for any opponent in MLW 3:42: On making his own history in the 2300 Arena 5:12: On whether the match is a new start for him before heading back to the Heavyweight Title 6:14: On the level of talent on the roster in MLW, why he re-signed with the company 8:54: On Court Bauer's success guiding MLW and allowing talent freedom to do what they want, how much of his promos are scripted 12:17: On not being retired from MMA yet, being offered fights and willingness to take a fight 13:29: On King Mo joining MLW and wanting to face him in the ring 14:25: On the

  • Lance Archer On His Wrestle Kingdom 14 Match With Jon Moxley, Why Now Is the Hottest Time in Wrestling

    24/12/2019 Duración: 44min

    NJPW star Lance Archer discusses his Texas Deathmatch with Jon Moxley at Wrestle Kingdom 14, his successful singles run over 2019, his runs in TNA and WWE, working with Vince Russo, his match with Abyss at TNA Sacrifice 2005, his "Murder Hawk Monster" gimmick, why now is the hottest time in the wrestling industry and more. 0:00: Introduction 0:23: On how he's feeling heading into his match with Moxley and the Texas Deathmatch stipulation 2:10: On winning the title after Moxley was stripped of the title, if he's been looking forward to facing Moxley 4:25: On his success in 2019 and how he feels about his breakout singles run in NJPW 6:45: On NJPW losing the Elite to AEW and if he felt pressure to step up and fill the void 10:54: On whether 2019 felt like a clean slate for him 12:00: On his run in the G1 Climax, his match with Will Ospreay to open the tournament and how the night felt to him 16:17: On the difference in NJPW's promo and storytelling style as opposed to that of WWE and other companies 19:12: On

  • Cody on His World Title Match At AEW Full Gear, Dynamite's Ratings Success, Expanding Time For Women's Division and More

    08/11/2019 Duración: 41min

    AEW Executive Vice President Cody speaks with media about his World Championship match with Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear, Dynamite's performance in the ratings and where to grow the audience from here, devoting more time to the women's division, the possibility of a secondary title, the lessons learned from the first several weeks of Dynamite and more. 0:00: Introduction 1:35: On the differences between working a full-time schedule with AEW as opposed to the lead-up 3:42: On his promo on Dynamite and the positive response that it received 6:49: On how important his match at Full Gear is to him 9:46: On bringing in what he learned from his past work in terms of production 12:43: On the possibility of a secondary championship 15:15: On when the rankings system will debut 16:20: On good feedback he's gotten from fans and separating constructive criticism from non-constructive criticism 19:50: On plans to give more time to the women's division 22:30: On his biggest lesson in terms of production and the biggest

  • Jungle Grrrl on Her WOW World Title Match, WOW's Influence on Women's Wrestling, Anthem Buying AXS TV

    06/11/2019 Duración: 26min

    WOW - Women of Wrestling star Jungle Grrrl discusses becoming the #1 contender to Tessa Blanchard's championship, what the title match means to her, AXS TV being bought by Anthem and possible crossover with Impact Wrestling, WOW's influence on the rise of women's wrestling, how her wrestling journey began and more. 0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - On being the #1 contender to Tessa Blanchard's championship 1:11 - On whether it's more important for her to beat Blanchard or win the title, what she thinks of Blanchard 2:55 - On Lioness and Lana Star getting involved in her match, whether she's looking at payback against them 5:28 - On the Beast potentially looking for revenge against her, potentially giving the Beast a title shot if she wins it 6:16 - On wrestling without boots on and what advantage it gives her 8:57 - On AXS TV being bought by Anthem and whether it changes anything for WOW 11:17 - On a possible crossover between WOW and Impact's Knockouts division 13:19 - On WOW's perseverance over the years and how

  • Scott D'Amore On Impact's New TV Deal With AXS TV, Being Replaced by Vince Russo in 2006, More

    17/10/2019 Duración: 25min

    Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D'Amore talks about Impact's new TV deal with AXS TV and the stability it brings, being replaced by Vince Russo in 2006 and his relationship with Russo, the Team Canada stable, doing more co-promotional work and more. 0:00 - Introduction 2:52 - On Impact's new TV deal and the company surviving through difficult times 5:59 - On the company getting more stability through AXS TV and seeing their long-term plans come to fruition 9:30 - On the decision to put the TNA World title on Jeff Jarrett in 2006 12:49 - On the decision to bring in Vince Russo to replace him in creative in 2006, his relationship with Russo 14:40 - On Team Canada stable and it being a breakthrough for Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, and Eric Young 24:49 - On if co-promotional efforts will continue in the new era

  • Jimmy Jacobs On Impact's Move to AXS TV, Frustrations Working in WWE, Vince McMahon Rumors, More

    15/10/2019 Duración: 35min

    Impact Wrestling's Jimmy Jacobs talks about Impact heading to AXS TV, possible co-promotional efforts, his frustrations while working in WWE, working with Gabe Sapolsky in ROH, whether rumors about Vince McMahon are true, WWE putting NXT opposite AEW on Wednesday and more. 0:00 - Introduction 2:53 - On his "Ballad of Lacey" song and storyline in ROH 4:18 - On Seth Rollins coming up with the Age of the Fall name and how the angle was booked 5:35 - On working with Gabe Sapolsky 6:50 - Talk about CM Punk possibly doing WWE Backstage and his relationship with Punk 8:40 - On if he was frustrated while working in WWE 9:30 - On rumors that Vince McMahon tears up scripts for Raw and starts over from scratch 10:26 - On scripted vs. unscripted promos 13:30 - On what happens when he sneezes in front of Vince McMahon 15:03 - On WWE putting NXT opposite AEW on Wednesday 15:46 - On whether WWE was looking for an excuse to fire him and if he was asked to join AEW 20:14 - On Impact moving to AXS TV and possible co-promotion

  • David McLane on WOW - Women of Wrestling's Second Season, Status of Season Three, More

    24/09/2019 Duración: 21min

    WOW - Women of Wrestling founder David McLane talks about the promotion's second season, the status of a possible third season, WOW's relationship with AXS TV, the rise of women's wrestling, what Tessa Blanchard and Teal Piper are bringing to WOW, the options that wrestling fans have these days and more. Introduction (0:00) On how it feels coming back for a second season on AXS TV (0:28) On the WOW Tag Team Championship Series (3:23) His reflections on how far WOW has come since its founding (4:14) On the rise of women's wrestling and how it fits his vision for what women's wrestling could be (6:01) On Tessa Blanchard and why she's one of the best in the world (8:27) On bringing in Teal Piper and her role in WOW - Women of Wrestling (10:41) On the status of a potential third season (13:07) On the possibility of taking WOW on the road to tour (14:48) On WOW's relationship with AXS TV (15:55) On the myriad options that wrestling fans have now (17:03) On whether AXS TV has any equity in WOW (16:58) On where to

  • Teal Piper on Signing With WOW - Women of Wrestling, Growing Up As Roddy Piper's Daughter, More

    06/09/2019 Duración: 19min

    WOW - Women Of Wrestling star Teal Piper talks about growing up as the daughter of the great Roddy Piper, signing with WOW and why she got into the industry, the evolution of women's wrestling and what WOW is doing for women in the industry, her thoughts on Tessa Blanchard and more. Introduction (0:00) On how she ended up signed with WOW - Women Of Wrestling (0:36) On why she decided to make the leap into pro wrestling and if she'd considered it before (1:13) On when she realized her father was a wrestling star and a heel (2:32) On if she watched any wrestling when she was young and becoming more of a fan as she got older (4:03) On what AXS TV and WOW are doing for women's wrestling (6:55) On Tessa Blanchard and her accomplishments in the industry so far (8:23) On what makes wrestling so unique in how it connects with fans (9:28) On the weight of her father's legacy and if she feels the pressure of it when trying to walk her own path (10:45) On the evolution of women's wrestling and women getting more opport

  • FITE TV CEO Mike Weber on Starrcast III, CM Punk's Panel, Working With NJPW and AEW, More

    29/08/2019 Duración: 30min

    FITE TV CEO Mike Weber talks about this weekend's Starrcast III, how CM Punk's panel came together and whether Punk will be making any big announcements, working with NJPW, how AEW's debut on TNT will affect FITE's relationship with the promotion, the future of Starrcast and more. Introduction (0:00) On his anticipation level for Starrcast III and other upcoming shows (0:45) On how involved FITE is in putting together panels and the like at Starrcast (2:21) On Sean Mooney, Tony Schiavone and Davey Crockett's involvement at Starrcast II (4:32) On how CM Punk's panel at Starrcast III came together (5:58) On if he thinks Punk will be making an announcement of some kind at Starrcast (8:46) On whether this could be FITE TV's biggest weekend to date (10:36) On why people are still interested in CM Punk despite his being away from wrestling for years (11:28) On Conrad Thompson's plans for the future of Starrcast (13:18) On whether FITE TV is interested in having a greater role in Starrcast (15:52) What it's been li

  • Salina de la Renta On MLW's Growth, Working as an Executive Producer, Her On-Screen Character, More

    07/08/2019 Duración: 21min

    MLW star and executive producer Salina de la Renta talks about the growth of the company, working behind the scenes in MLW as an executive producer, the development of her on-screen character, how she got inspired to get into the business, MLW's working relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH, whether she's looking to get in the ring and more. Introduction (0:00) On the inspiration for her on-screen persona in MLW (0:46) On her where her promo style comes from (2:15) On where she started her wrestling training and wanting to get into the business after seeing Total Divas (4:03) On her experience in MLW thus far (6:36) On progressing as an on-screen character to working as an executive producer for the company (7:47) On MLW's working relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH and what NOAH talent she may want to work with (10:01) On if she's interested in getting into the ring for MLW and the status of her knee injury (11:15) On working with Pentagon Jr. (12:15) On professional wrestling as a form of performance art

  • Ken Shamrock on His Feuds With Rock and Owen Hart, Brock Lesnar Deserving to Be in UFC Hall of Fame, More

    31/07/2019 Duración: 38min

    WWE and UFC legend Ken Shamrock talks about his WWE run and memorable feuds with The Rock and Owen Hart, refereeing the Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart match at WrestleMania 13, a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction, why Brock Lesnar deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame, his relationship with Dana White, whether things are safer for MMA fighters today and more. Introduction (0:00) On his experience at Starrcast II and if he'll be at Starrcast III (0:44) On AEW, the current wrestling landscape and if he's excited as a wrestling fan (1:57) On looking back at his time in WWE during the Attitude Era and Monday Night War (4:03) On coming into WWE as an MMA fighter and who helped him make a smooth transition to wrestling (5:28) On his being a referee for Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 (8:06) On his feud with The Rock his initial impressions of Rock and their match at WrestleMania 14 (9:51) On his feud with Owen Hart and their Lion's Den match at SummerSlam 1988 (13:13) On the end of his run in WWE, if

  • Brian Pillman Jr. On Being In the New Era Hart Foundation, The Pressure of His Father's Legacy, AEW, More

    17/07/2019 Duración: 26min

    MLW star Brian Pillman Jr. talks about being part of the new era Hart Foundation, their war with Dynasty, his relationship with Teddy Hart, his future with MLW, AEW's success and how that benefits MLW and himself, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman heading up WWE's creative, the pressure of trying to live up to his father's legacy and more. Introduction (0:00) On the upcoming MLW: Fusion TV tapings and who he's gunning for (0:37) On the status of his MLW contract and whether it's exclusive to the company (3:40) On forming the new era Hart Foundation with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. (4:56) On Teddy Hart being a mentor figure for him his relationship with Teddy (5:40) On when he knew he wanted to be a wrestler (7:06) On if he feels pressure to live up to his father's legacy (7:48) On learning from his father's matches (8:50) On if he had the WrestleMania dream when he first got into the business and whether he feels any rush to get to any specific promotion (9:11) On what other wrestling promotions he likes

  • Ethan Page On Impact Finding a New Network, Issues With Gabe Sapolsky, working with Rich Swann and ACH, More

    27/06/2019 Duración: 27min

    Impact Wrestling star Ethan Page talks about how he's been enjoying Impact, whether the company is finding a new television home, his issues with Gabe Sapolsky from his time in EVOLVE, working with Rich Swann and ACH, his love of comic books and nerd culture, his burgeoning YouTube channel, working with David Arquette and more. Introduction (0:00) On how he's enjoying Impact and the morale backstage (0:35) On Impact's issues with Pursuit and if the company is finding a new home (0:56) On Impact rebuilding itself after falling from its previous heights (2:31) On if he'll be at Slammiversary and if he has a match yet (3:32) On his match with David Arquette in May for Alpha-1 Wrestling and Arquette's dedication to his wrestling career (5:14) On when he first discovered wrestling and growing up as a fan (7:51) On his love of comic books and "nerd culture" (9:35) On wrestling having room for different types of storytelling and gimmicks like Joey Ryan (11:39) On why now is the greatest time to be a wrestling fan

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