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  • Willie Mack On the Current Regime in Impact Wrestling, Status of Lucha Underground, AEW's Success and More

    22/06/2019 Duración: 18min

    Impact star and former NWA National Champion Willie Mack talks about his run in Impact, the status of his contract, Nick Aldis' controversial tweet about Impact signing him, whether he's heard anything about Lucha Underground's future, the success of AEW, if he has any interest in working for WWE in the future and more. Introduction (0:00) On working with Michael Elgin in Impact and his current status with Impact (1:40) On how the current regime is handling things in Impact (2:20) On Impact's problems with Pursuit Channel and if there's any word of Impact moving to another channel (2:42) On if he'll be at Slammiversary and how he likes working in Texas (3:38) On his run as NWA National Champion and working for the revamped NWA (4:55) On Nick Aldis taking a shot at Impact signing him (6:45) On the status of Lucha Underground (7:39) On AEW's success and whether he wants to work with the company down the line (8:04) On which talent in Impact he hasn't worked with yet that he wants to (9:45) On when he first kn

  • Shane Helms on Jon Moxley's Criticism of WWE's Creative Process, Working With The Rock, Resolving Issues With Shawn Michaels, More

    01/06/2019 Duración: 32min

    WWE star and now-producer Shane Helms talks about Jon Moxley's criticism of the company's creative process, his experiences working with The Rock and Kane as The Hurricane, resolving his past differences with Shawn Michaels, getting heat over trying to get AJ Styles hired in 2002, his surprise Royal Rumble 2018 appearance, his work behind the scenes for WWE, being at Starrcast and more. Introduction (0:00) On his experience at Starrcast (0:44) On coming on board WWE as a producer, what his job as a producer entails (1:20) On getting heat for trying to get AJ Styles signed by WWE in 2002 and Style's rise to the top of WWE (5:19) On AEW Double or Nothing and AEW being competition to WWE (7:21) On the origin and development of the Hurricane character and making the gimmick work (9:34) On working with Kane and becoming tag team champions with him (12:44) On his win over the Rock on Raw and whether it's a career highlight (13:40) On turning heel on Smackdown, whether he preferred Hurricane or heel Shane Helms (15

  • Mike Kanellis on Going Public With His Addiction Issues, Being on 205 Live, AEW's Launch, More

    18/05/2019 Duración: 27min

    Mike Kanellis talks about going public with his addiction issues, how he ended up on 205 Live and why he's enjoying it so much, his Cruiserweight Championship goals, how AEW's launch is good for business, his memories from The Kingdom and more. Introduction (0:00) On working with Akira Tozawa and their No DQ match (0:57) On his WWE run stalling and how he ended up getting put on 205 Live (3:34) On having more creative freedom on 205 Live (5:28) On if he has Tony Nese and the Cruiserweight Title in his sights (6:30) Whether he's hoping to transition back to Raw or Smackdown (7:42) On going public about his opioid addiction (9:55) On whether he'd rather be on Raw or Smackdown (15:17) On rumors that WWE is offering talent big money to keep them away from AEW and how AEW's launch affects the business (16:25) On his friendship with Adam Cole and Cole's recent NXT run (19:50) On his memories of being part of The Kingdom in ROH (21:27) On his advice for people dealing with addiction (22:48) On his hopes for a WWE a

  • Low Ki on Why His WWE Run Didn't Work, the Mismanagament of TNA, His Status With MLW, More

    14/05/2019 Duración: 27min

    Low Ki talks about why his WWE run didn't work out, the mismanagement of TNA and the infamous appearance of Pacman Jones in the company, his contract status with MLW, the current state of the wrestling industry and much more. Introduction (0:00) On working with Tom Lawlor in MLW (1:00) On his MLW contract status and if he is open to a long-term contract (2:02) On the current state of the wrestling scene and rise of options outside of WWE (3:40) On the launch of All Elite Wrestling (5:03) On why his WWE run didn't work out and being put in NXT (6:05) On how he's adapted his in-ring style over the years (7:15) On his match with KENTA at ROH Final Battle 2005, and if he'd like to work with KENTA again (9:17) On rumors of heat between him and Jim Cornette in ROH (14:22) On if he has been given a bad rap by people in the industry (15:06) On if he'll be at MLW Fury Road and what Court Bauer's done with the company (16:17) On if Impact Wrestling is in a better place now than during the Spike TV era (18:16) On his t

  • Dark Side of the Ring Creators on Montreal Screwjob, Vince Russo vs. Jim Cornette, a Second Season and More

    03/05/2019 Duración: 33min

    Producer/co-creator Evan Husney and director/co-creator Jason Eisener talk about their VICELAND docuseries Dark Side of the Ring, the fan response to the series, Lance Storm's criticism of the Montreal Screwjob episode, Jim Cornette and Vince Russo shooting on each other, the possibility of a second season and more. Introduction (0:00) On the response to the show as a whole from The Rock, hardcore fans and casual fans (0:47) On the rise of docuseries in popular culture (2:32) On Lance Storm's criticism of the Montreal Screwjob episode and Scott Hall saying the Screwjob was a work (4:07) On future episodes and the possibility of a second season (12:05) On the Fabulous Moolah episode exploring allegations against Moolah and the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal name being changed (13:23) On Jim Cornette and Vince Russo shooting on each other in the Montreal Screwjob episode and whether Russo reached out to appear in it (16:47) On whether the Cornette vs. Russo feud is a work (21:16) On whether there were episo

  • Billy Gunn On Triple H's AEW Jokes at the Hall of Fame, New Age Outlaws Memories, Double or Nothing & More

    23/04/2019 Duración: 31min

    Billy Gunn talks about his work with AEW, Triple H's jokes about AEW during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, his time in the New Age Outlaws and run in NJPW, Dustin Rhodes' status with All Elite Wrestling, what we can expect from him at Double or Nothing and more. Introduction (0:00) On how it feels to be a WWE Hall of Famer and if it feels like closing a book on his career (0:39) On Triple H's jokes about AEW during the Hall of Fame speech (1:55) On the status of AEW's plans for a potential training facility (4:12) On the need for more psychology, storytelling and selling in today's era (4:55) On his 2014 reunion with Road Dogg in WWE (9:00) On his relationship with Cody and signing with AEW (10:47) On WWE not using tag teams properly (11:48) On the New Age Outlaws' dumpster match with Cactus Jack and Terry Funk and other big moments (13:10) On his appearances on Being the Elite (16:16) On working for NJPW (17:30) On whether fans online are getting overhyped or overly critical about AEW (21:03) On what his ro

  • WWE Star Lana Discusses Being 'Salty,' WrestleMania, Her Favorite Match and More

    20/04/2019 Duración: 01h07min

    WWE superstar Lana talks about her work in WWE, her experience at this year's WrestleMania, how long she expects to stay with the company, how hard it was to maintain her Russian accent, her "salty" hashtag, when Rusev Day was born, her in-ring aspirations and much more. Introduction (0:00) On what she's been up to since WrestleMania and going to Coachella (1:17) On how her experience at WrestleMania this year compared to past years (4:40) On if she likes being underestimated in the ring (10:28) On her "salty" hashtag and what it means (12:03) On using real-life frustrations as fuel for her character motivations (16:43) On if she prefers being a heel or a babyface (19:33) On her new comic book project Dark Country with Jason Starr (25:26) On her time growing up in Europe and if she misses it (30:21) On how long she expects to stay with WWE (36:35) On how hard it was to maintain her Russian accent and why it was faded out (40:13) On her experience training before getting in the ring (48:15) On the separation

  • Tony Maglio (The Wrap) On AEW's TV Deal, Paying For Rights And More

    18/04/2019 Duración: 53min

    411's Jeffrey Harris sits down with The Wrap reporter Tony Maglio to discuss how far along AEW is in their talks with Turner Sports, Turner's willingness to bring wrestling back to their networks, what impact the deal might have on WWE, John Oliver's Last Week Tonight segment on WWE and more. Introduction (0:00) On how far along AEW's conversations are with Turner Sports (0:52) On why Turner is willing to have wrestling return to their networks (3:33) On what format AEW's television show will likely take and off-seasons in wrestling (8:26) On whether reports of the AEW TV deal could possibly jinx or affect it (19:27) On wrestling journalism vs. general entertainment journalism (21:03) On Turner's potential streaming homes for AEW (25:13) On WWE and AEW's handling of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight episode (30:21) On the importance of Smackdown's deal with FOX and whether it makes Smackdown the "A" show (40:00) On AEW's impact on WWE's talent deals and whether it can be competition to WWE (43:12) On how Vince

  • Eli Drake

    05/04/2019 Duración: 37min

    Former Impact Wrestling World Champion Eli Drake talks about his status with Impact Wrestling, whether he's had contact with WWE, why his time in NXT wasn't helpful to him and whether he'd go back, working with Scott Steiner, All Elite Wrestling's launch and more. On opting out of his United We Stand match with Tessa Blanchard and Joey Ryan replacing him (1:20) On the women's revolution, intergender wrestling and its place in wrestling (2:10) On when his Impact Wrestling contract expires and his next move (7:58) On if he's had contact with WWE (8:44) On if there are more options for guys like him in wrestling and the status of the industry (9:59) On nearly returning to NXT when James Storm did and his opinion of Impact right now (14:12) On if he was worried about his future when Impact was struggling (19:27) On his time in NXT and why he thinks he got worse during that time (22:08) On if he'd be open to a return to NXT if he signed with WWE (25:00) On whether he has any advocates in AEW (27:01) On All Elite

  • Rosa Mendes

    27/03/2019 Duración: 32min

    Former WWE Diva Rosa Mendes talks about her time in WWE, online criticism of her wrestling, her crush on Paige story on Total Divas, her first meeting with Vince McMahon, who she was closest with backstage in WWE, whether she will retire, how she would fit into the current WWE women's division, and more. On if she wanted to be more of a wrestler and more in the title picture in WWE (1:15) On how she'd fit into the modern WWE women's division (5:00) On she was closest with in WWE (7:15) On Total Divas cementing bonds between women in WWE (9:45) On being single and meeting someone when you work all the time (12:00) On what made her uncomfortable on Total Divas (13:20) On the crush on Paige story from Total Divas (15:20) On her first meeting with Vince McMahon (17:50) On where the Adam Rose storyline was supposed to go before she got pregnant (19:30) On the character she wanted to do in WWE after pregnancy (21:30) On WWE's Saudi Arabia deal (23:50) On if she's proud of any of her WWE matches, her regrets, and

  • Vince Russo

    24/03/2019 Duración: 33min

    Vince Russo talks about WWE botching how they booked Ronda Rousey, why he thinks vindictiveness was at the root of WWE picking Baron Corbin as Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 opponent, why he didn't push Samoa Joe as the face of TNA in 2006, what exactly happened backstage with Triple H after the Kliq curtain call, and more. Intro WrestleMania weekend (0:17) What match should go on last at WrestleMania (3:40) How Ronda Rousey has been booked (7:20) Baron Corbin being picked at Kurt Angle's opponent (10:15) If AEW is good for wrestling (14:00) If WWE should fear AEW (15:35) Why Samoa Joe wasn't booked as face of TNA (18:10) Triple H's main event push and the curtain call (23:35) Triple H's mind for being a wrestling executive (26:38) Triple H/Batista and Kofi Kingston storyline booking (29:00)

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