Day Zero Podcast

Dan Kanivas-Triple Summit Advisors-The Necessity of Networking



On this episode we interview Dan Kanivas, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Triple Summit Advisors. Dan's personal journey took him from high student at Westchester to Wealth Manager in San Francisco. He discusses his background and how that got him to Harvard, and eventually into the Army. Dan was an Army Artillery officer, a process which takes a long time due to the need to understand a wide array of platforms involved. Dan talks about his transition process from taking the GMAT in Baghdad, to failing to make traction during his 10 month gap from out-process to MBA. We discuss the decision to get an MBA, and factors to consider when making that decision. Dan eventually attended Haas School of Business at Berkeley. If he has one big piece of advice as well as one thing that he would redo during the out-process, he would focus his time on networking and improving on networking skills. On the business side, we discuss the need to understand capitalization and addressable market. Dan recounts his journey from