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Casey Parsons



As part owner of Comic 1 Books in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Casey Parsons in one of the few artists who can say he has actually sold a comic book he worked on in his own store. Classically trained in art at Sheridan College but disillusioned by the business, it took him until his 40s to really embrace comics as his chosen art form – always reading as fan, but never creating them -- until now. Now, he's figuring out how to balance comic book mechanics with a fine art look, a marriage he showcased as one of the founding artists on Cauldron Magazine. Newly launched in September 2018, Cauldron is the first Canadian-made, adults-only, fantasy and horror anthology magazine in the spirit of Heavy Metal, Creepy, Eerie and Sword of Conan. Casey's art is featured on a cover that has three stories from Casey and past Speech Bubble guests Ricky Lima, Sam Noir and Shane Heron, all of whom do nothing but sing Casey's praises. Aaron and Casey discuss how Cauldron came to be, the connection Casey's other project Blood Moon has