Speech Bubble

Joe I the Editor Guy



Our illustrious audio editor Joseph Ianni makes his long-awaited return to the show. Having listened to and edited every episode of Speech Bubble since launch, he's like our own version of The Watcher of the Marvel Universe: always observing, never interfering...until now. He comes to us for the first time, to pitch a comic of his own to the Toronto comic artists he knows are making Speech Bubble appointment listening every two weeks. The project is called Noon, a horror /teen drama comic where a state-of-the-art high school goes on lock-down, trapping the students inside with the progenitors of a zombie virus that -- like every good virus -- is about to go global. Thankfully, the students employ their own set of unique skills and abilities to fight back against the zombie horde and hopefully escape the school before they themselves succumb to the curse of the undead. Those who heard Joe's first appearance on the show may remember that this is not his first foray into self-published comics. Past Speech Bubb