Speech Bubble

Attila Adorjany



For this episode Speech Bubble is coming to you live in front of an audience on Halloween Weekend 2018 at Hairy Tarantula's Hairoween Party at their new location at 3456 Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The show is a sort of coming out party for Aaron's guest Attila Adorjany, since a huge re-branding project for a massive corporation took him out of the comic scene for a very long time. Now he's back miking his special effects background with a new custom toy company of his own making called Titly Toys where he's making mini cthulhu figures, zombie Hello Kitty (Goodbye Kitty) and a collection of figures called The Dirty Dozen – an anthropomorphic donut army that's in a lot of ways a G.I. Joe satire (Yo Dough!). His followers on instagram have also been treated to his Kaiju Kars series of drawings mashing popular characters with popular cars from pop culture, like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things driving the Scooby-Do Mystery Machine in a drawing called Stranger Danger. Other artists have been invit