Speech Bubble

Jonathan Kociuba



Jonathan is one of the most multi-faceted individuals to ever grace Speech Bubble. Not only does he both write and draw his own self-published comics, but he also draws album covers and is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for local Toronto band Summer and Youth. Aaron traces Jon's artist trajectory from childhood to adulthood, as he goes from making comics with his brother in the 90s (long-haired characters with shoulder pads and pouches) to joining forces with past Speech Bubble guest Jason Loo (Pitiful Human-Lizard) in high school to spending one year in illustration at the famed Sheridan College while waiting for his daughter to be born at age 20. Parental responsibilities meant self-publishing comics was put on the back-burner for ten years, but now Jonathan Kociuba is back with a vengeance. First up, was art chores on a body horror story for those who feel they are pulled in multiple directions called All of This written by Suzanne Alyssa Andrew and then, Paperhead -- a story about a comic creator