Cut The Crap Podcast

What Are YOU Hiding?



WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?  Today’s episode is about our less attractive qualities, how we hide them and how they may be the best bits of ourselves.  Emma explores how we are all edited versions of ourselves and shares exercises that can help us to share more of ourselves with others and in doing so become more authentic.       KEY TAKEAWAYS  As we grow up the list of things we "shouldn’t" do grows longer, as a young child more is forgiven but then the rules start being applied. ‘Pull up your socks and tuck in your shirt’ and later on its ‘you’re not going out in that’ and ‘study hard so that you can get a proper job’.  Children quickly learn how to gain approval from parents, grandparents and teachers. They learn to start hiding away the parts of themselves that others may not like, or conform to the norm - this is so that we can be loved and accepted;  We learn early on to hide our failings - as we perceiv