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Salgood Sam



Recorded live at the Toronto Comicon 2019, Salgood talks to Aaron about his colourful father Lionel who inspired him to create the upcoming, Bastards Tale to be serialized in his self-published comic RevolveR. They then move on to how he went from having artists like George Perez fawn over his work, doing sample pages for DC Comics from Neil Gaiman Sandman scripts and being offered to draw his own series for Marvel at 20-years-old under his real name Max Douglas, to drawing one comic issue in nine days and quitting books over personal conflicts with writers and editors. If you want to know how Salgood founded the Sequential Canadian Comix News and Culture blog because of his dyslexia and how it morphed into Sequential Magazine, this is also the place. What about how he goes about teaching creative people the ropes of comics making at Syn Studio in Montreal? Checkpoint Checky! You'll also hear about Salgood's desire to leave a legacy of his own in comics. Perhaps it will be through volume two of his comic Drea