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NRT presents: "Wait Until Dark"



Listen and learn about the next and last production before Spring Break: "Wait Until Dark" by Frederick Knott. The director, Ted Chylack, and cast discuss the play, Ted's similarities to Merlin and how "gently used" is not the same as "new." Only TWO chances to see this suspense thriller: Wednesday, March 4, at 9 pm & Thursday, March 5, at 8 pm -- both shows in 102 Forum! Free! About the play: Welcome to Susy's world. It's dark, it's unfriendly and there's no telling who you can trust. For a blind woman in New York City, life is hard. For Susy, it's even harder because she has three drug dealers terrorizing her. But eventually she decides to turn the tables on them and level the playing field. Unfortunately for her, nothing can happen while it's still light out, so she has to 'wait until dark.' Susy Hendrix - Johnna Scrabis Mike Talman - Sam Horvath Harry Roat - Anthony Arbaiza Detective Carlino - Katie Bucaro Gloria - Jessie Leo Sam Hendrix - Sean Sadler Police Officers - Anne Grybowski and Vinny DelPrince