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NRT Presents: "The 24-Hour Theatre Experiment Extravaganza"



Listen and learn about this THEATRE EXPERIMENT presented by No Refund Theatre! The show is FREE, but you have ONLY ONE chance to see "The 24-Hour Theatre Experiment Extravaganza" -- Saturday, Jan. 17, at 8 p.m. in 111 Forum. Don't miss out because THIS SHOW WILL NEVER BE PERFORMED AGAIN, ANYWHERE, EVER!!! What is it? Well... At 8 pm on Friday a group of performers, writers, and directors will get together be broken up into teams and then they will write, rehearse, and eventually perform a play all within 24 hours!!! All they will be given is a word in which the play must revolve around, but it can literally go in any direction. In 2007 the word was "affair." What resulted was a show about "affairs" and a show about "a fair." In 2008 the word was "Free." We had a show about an escaped convict, inmates in an asylum, and a freelance super hero who indeed worked for Free. Come see what we come up with this year!!!