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Mark Laliberte



Mark is the managing editor, arts editor and designer of Carousel Magazine – a Canadian arts and literary journal published twice a year. He's also the curator of the 4Panel Project, which began as a back page supplement in Carousel, and the publisher behind Popnoir Editions' comics and zines. Growing up in Windsor, ON. during the black and white comics boom of the 1980s, Mark discovered that some of his favourite comics were printed right in his hometown. Being the enterprising fan that he was, he decided to call them up and see if he could order his favourite comics directly from the printer and cut out the middleman. Even though the printer explained that's not how things worked, they were still nice enough to show Mark around and employ him as an assistant, sparking his love for self-publishing his own comics and graphic novels to this day. Early on in his career, Mark's self-published zines featured the typical run-of-the-mill nihilism you might see from any punk in their twenties, but they came into t