Speech Bubble

Jason Lapidus



Jason is a Thornhill, ON. native who always wanted to be a comic artist. He could always draw his classmates under the table, but Thornlea Secondary School was the basis for author Gordon Korman's 1985 novel Don't Care High and the moniker was still true when Lapidus went there. The vibe killed any enthusiasm he had for institutional education and that buzz kill continued in art school where he just couldn't connect painting on wood block and philosphizing about art with the practical skills he wanted to learn in order to make comics. Instead, he leaned into his job at the Royal Ontario Museum teaching comic book classes for kids in informal settings. Ironically, this lapsed art student has made a career out of teaching art in unconventional environments to elementary school and college age students. That seemed like where his art talent would go until a double date he definitely didn't want to be on. That's where he met Chris Sanagan. Their girlfriends (now wives) were already best friends and they were j