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Ohana – The Key to Kindness



Artwork by Cameron Grey Kindness is the Light that dissolves all walls between Souls, families and nations. - Paramahansa Yogananda We are born into family. No human bonds are stronger, more important to our survival, and longer lasting. Throughout history, people all over the world value the importance of family. Some have even called it the nucleus of civilization. If family is at the core of civilization, and kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between Souls, Families, and Nations, then logically, it is in our best interest to exercises kindness at every opportunity. Many of us are most kind and tolerant with our immediate family members, even if we might choose otherwise should they be strangers, then to our extended family, then to our religious or spiritual family, our social or ethic group family and so on. As relationships move farther away from the nucleus; however, so do our levels of tolerance and kindness. Generally speaking, we are not as kind or tolerant with strangers as we are