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Judge Not



Artwork by Cameron Gray. All this talk of purity and impurity – These are just opinions. Beyond them are the astonishing energies of creation. Rays of light from a trillion suns you illumine the alter of your sky. Rolling blue-green oceans sanctify the air you breathe. In this moment, you are inhaling their blessing. Who are you to call any of this pure or impure? Find the center around which everything revolves– stand here and be flooded with joy. - The Radiance Sutras Are we separate, or are we part of the great oneness of the universe? We stand at the alter of the night sky, Often feeling small, insignificant, and separate from all that is. But isn’t the opposite the truth? Are we not also part of, and connected it to that which the Greeks called the Universe? - the One Song. Is the flowering plant separate from the ground in which it grows? Uproot any plant and you will have the answer. The seed provides the idea and the earth takes on a new form. What we see, label, and categorize as separate, are in r