006 - Debbie Winter, director of Voice Workshop and founder of Voice Geek, shares what is behind her desire to provide opportunities for education within the voice coaching community.



Our second 'VocalScope On Tour' episode, (listen beyond the less than perfect 'on location in a campervan' sound levels!) in which Debbie Winter introduces us to what motivated the varied PGCert, MA, qualification pathways she has developed for Voice Practitioners and Pedagogues in the UK and shares with us the inspirational areas of research her cohort are producing work in. With a PhD in the pipeline, and Debbie’s enormously varied programme of short courses too, Voice Workshop is fast becoming a one stop shop for anyone seeking the opportunity to further develop their knowledge, learning and qualifications in the area of Voice - so do check out www.voiceworkshop.co.uk. Links: www.voiceworkshop.co.uk Debbie’s favourite artist’s song: - Sentimental Mood - Ella Fitzgerald https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gOij0El_IY