Northern Colorado Real Estate Ramp Up

Don’t wait for your dream home to come on the market. Go find it.



In this podcast we talk about finding homes off market.  Did you know that many of NoCo’s best properties can be purchased but are not listed publicly? More and more we are turning to locating off market real estate and giving you private access before it goes public. We discuss the reasons why we do this, how we do it and give case studies on clients who have been successful with this approach.  You tell us what you want and we’ll find it, guaranteed. Get private tours of unlisted homes Meet the owner face to face Tour the property with the person that knows it best Avoid competition from other buyers Find homes that would have never been listed Here’s how it works : 1. Tell us what you want. 2. We identify all properties in the region that match your criteria and contact the owners. 3. The ones preparing to sell respond, you are notified, and if the property is right a tour is scheduled. 4. If you like it, buy it! If not, we’ll keep looking. Zillow is not your only option. Call or text 970-689-082