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The Pearled Up Podcast Episode 125 - Joel Bauman



Pearled Up Podcast Episode 125 LINK The Matrix is alive and all around us, trying to communicate.... We’re back for part 2 of our Numerology episode of the Pearled Up Podcast Presents featuring Joel Bauman who sits-down with Jason to quickly recap of episode 1 and they pick right up where they left off… ways to interpret the messages of the universe and some examples of when the Matrix speaks to us and how we can identify these messages. You also get a few samples of how to examine your birthday and what it means for you. It’s okay not to listen… not everyone is meant to wake up… at the very least… leave 4 stars and a great comment. Plus, we listen through part 1 of Whiteout Warrior of the Month for January 2020 featuring “The Exception” Shawn West, courtesy of Whiteout Promotions.