Help! I Am Artist Podcast

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My name is Sonja Smalheer. I am an artist, art coach and course creator. When I graduated from the Art Academy I learnt how to paint, and how to draw but I had no idea how to earn a living with my creativity.  I was not prepared for a life as a working artist. This often left me quite frustrated.Sometimes on the verge of calling it quits, throwing away my brushes and giving it all up. But I am so glad I didn’t. After many failed attempts and valuable lessons learnt,  I discovered ways to turn my creative dream, of being a working artist, into a reality, now giving me the freedom to live the life I love. I created the Help! I Am Artist Podcast, because no matter where you are on your creative journey, whether you are just starting out or maybe you have been a working artist for a while, you too can take steps to turn your creative passions into a meaningful sustainable profession.  The Help! I Am Artist Podcast is filled with fresh inspiration, step by step practical insights and interviews with artists who ar