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Woman Crush Wednesday: Leilani Mendez, Founder & CEO: Sweets by Leilani



Hey Hey Peace Makers,  This episode of Woman Crush Wednesday is about Leilani Mendez, a wife, mom, full-time employee and entrepreneur from Los Angeles who started her baking business as a side hustle for families and friend's. Now Leilani is a well known sweetologist of the West Coast. * * (Our new intro for this month is, Clay Hodges- Mary’s Lamb: )  Follow Clay on IG: @ClayDoe912   * * Be Kind to Yourself from Ari:  - Let yourself have a cheat meal - Let that toxic person go Ariane Attacks Your Mental:  Follow Ariane on IG: @ArianeArtistry Ariane's Poetry:  * * #KeepSocial with Leilani:    Follow Leilani on IG: @SweetsByLeilani Facebook:  Sweets By Leilani:  * * #KeepItSocial:   Peace Of Mind, L.L.C. IG: @Your_PeaceOfMind    The Soul Koach IG: @TheSoulKoach   Peace Of Mind, L.L.C. Twitter: @KeepSmi