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Enjoying Entrepreneurship: Daisy “Disayah B” Amos



 Hey Hey Peace Makers,   This episode of Enjoying Entrepreneurship is about a New Orleans native, Daisy who studied Fashion and Marketing in college did not plan on becoming a CEO of her very own online clothing boutique. After visiting a previous teacher to speak to her class; she saw that her teacher kept her vision board from a business project. Daisy realized that her visit back to school had just unlocked what God had planned for her future.   #KeepSocial with Daisy:    Follow Disayah Boutique IG:  @ishopdisayahb Follow Daisy Amos IG: @ohh_gurl Shop Disayah Boutique:  Disayah Boutique FB:  Email address:    Keep smiling,  The Soul Koach :)  #KeepItSocial:   Peace Of Mind, L.L.C. IG: @Your_PeaceOfMind  The Soul Koach IG: @TheSoulKoach Peace Of Mind, L.L.C. Twitter: @KeepSmilingPom  TheSoul Koach Twitter: @TheSoulKoach YouTube Channel: Email: yourpeaceofmind2016@gm