Wathnail Rovers

Football Comedy Podcast



Every football club has a bogey team, a side that for no explicable reason you just cannot seem to beat. Sometimes the Hoodoo will continue on for year after year, the hill getting steeper and steeper each time you face them until eventually it feels more like a mountain. For Wathnail Rovers it has always been the infamous Rochdale curse. Rochdale could have put out their reserve team, youth team or even their ‘legends’ team and still win. In fact Rovers had never beaten them, in 75 prior meetings, Rochdale winning over sixty of the games and drawing the rest. Faced with a crucially important league game at Spotlands a couple of years back, Chairman Brian Buttle decided on a drastic measure to try and break the jinx and enlisted the help of a local celebrated medium/healer Madame Platypus. No one really knows what it was she conjured up that day, but the Rovers side that took to the pitch showed such steely determination and purpose to finally bury the curse for good. Are there really such things as... &