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Footie Fetish



There is no more passionate game on this planet than football, you can see it in the blind faith of die-hard supporters week in and week out in the stands and terraces up and down this land. However at what point does following your team become more than just support, when does it actually become a dangerous obsession? The boys at Wathnail received a cry of help from a Gillingham woman regarding her husband’s unusual and twisted hero worship of a certain member of his beloved Manchester United's playing staff. Now of course there is no way of knowing how widespread this deviant practice is but it is almost certain that the England captain would not be the only top player ‘honoured’ in this way by their devoted fans. Our suggestion is that if you too are indulging in similar practices over your side’s centre forward then maybe you should seek the advice of a marriage councillor or sex therapist. If however on the other hand you’re wife or partner is happy to indulge you then we’d advise the shorter rubber... &