012 - Nick Clinch on Voice Reels, Voice Overs and setting up a home studio.



Nick Clinch is founder of Notable Voices, currently London's highest reviewed voiceover and voice reel service, and there’s a reason for that. After working in audio for 15 years - first as a touring session musician, then as a qualified audio production lecturer - Nick decided to put all this experience into what he refers to as a “much better use” and built his own Voice Reel company. Unlike any other voice reel recording service you come across, you can work with their experienced engineer and director for up to a full day! Nick takes the time to learn, explore and understand your voice and how you fit in this expanding industry. He will teach you top techniques and give you insights into how you can kickstart your career and market your voiceover business. All at half the price of bigger Soho studios. Nick offers a free consultation and gives VocalScope listeners a 10% discount. Favourite Voice: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver Song to listen to: Woods Spotify playlist of VocalScope Guest Favourite Voices: https