3 Friends Talk's Podcast

3 friends TALK LIVE 060 with Dr. Shauna White, Thee PharmD of D.C.



Dr. Shauna White is the epitome of Black Girl Magic!  She is the pharmacy regulatory boss of D.C. and has broken so many barriers and opened doors for women in pharmacy.  Listen in to hear her amazing journey and how she makes self-care for doctors a priority.   It’s always a fun chat with 3 friends TALK, but it's extra special when we get to talk with another Black woman in pharmacy.   During Dr. Shauna’s episode, you will learn: All about regulatory pharmacy Parasucos and D.C. style How she followed her family’s legacy  Advice for any current pharmacy student Her yearly self care ritual of playing Mas at Trinidad carnival Links mentioned in the show:   Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Internship Program United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Internship Program National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)  Trinidad Carnival ABOUT DR. SHAUNA WHITE: Shauna White, PharmD, RPh, MS is the Executive Director of the District of Columbia Board of Pharmacy and Program Manager of the Pharmaceutical Division at DC H