Shout Louder Punk Podcast

Punk Rock Radio - #Round 4



On this week's Shout Louder Punk Podcast Sarah's serving up lots of new tracks, plus some old classics and hidden gems. Want to discover your new favourite band? You're in the right place. These are the tracks we played this week: Rebelmatic - Blood & Gold Pardon Us - Little Demons Aerial Salad - Lazy Incisions - New Day A Wilhelm Scream - 5 To 9 Call Me Malcolm - I Bet They’re Asleep In New York Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind - Whelming The Raging Nathans - One Day Closer (To Death) Ball of Light - Burden The Crash Mats - You’re A Loose Cannon McConagall Camp High Gain - Run The Last Mile - Out of The Woods Swan Prince - You’re Toast Bobby Funk - I’m A Cat Toodles & The Hectic Pity - Sugar Loaf Iron Chic - Every Town Has An Elm Street Read our interviews, reviews and opinion pieces over at