Out Da Box Talks

Episode 66 (The "Moses Herman Jacobs" Album Interview)



In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Seasoned NYC Emcees "Sir Tumes, Mikal Amin, Long Division, San Francisco Producer, DJ Prof. Brian Oblivion and Dupo Studio Designer Jacques Dupoux” about their new Concept and Character based Album entitled "Moses Herman Jacobs".  The album generally has an amazing upbeat and funky production backdrop but the lyrics are clever and dense as each emcee shines lyrically to tell different stories about their character.  The Moses Herman Jacobs Album is loosely inspired by topics like economic inequality, gentrification and confronting the idea of Home: what we've created for ourselves and what has been shaped by the socio-political forces beyond our control. However each Emcee's Character takes the listener further into their unique world and experiences beyond said topics.  Take a listen to this in-depth interview which really taps into how the project came to be as well as each Emcee and the Producer's unique contribution to the project. &