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Happy Self Love Month! Where did Dr. Sylvia Go?



Happy Self Love Month!  Where did Dr. Sylvia Go? Hello, hello, Hello friends! We are back and it Dr. Drai Day!  This show is all about self love!  Things get a little spicy as we dive deep into adult topics!  We definitely recommend earbuds in when you listen to this episode!  Oh, yeah we might be 2 friends TALK after this episode because Dr. Sylvia left the show!  LOL!  Hit us on social media with all your thoughts on the show, @3friendsTALK! ***Adult Topics are discussed in this episode!*** You will learn: National “M” Month To be comfortable with Self Love The importance of knowing your body How to pleasure yourself and show others the way What made Dr. Sylvia leave the show Links: https://responsiblesexedinstitute.org/rsei-blog/national-masturbation-month/ https://feelthemoment.com/discount/3FriendsTalk   About our Guest: Dr. Draion M. Burch, DO (Dr. Drai) – a highly respected, board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist – is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, consultant, and go-to media expe