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The Fisherman Hung the Monkey, O



Music: Adam Pleeth Lyrics: Trad Ahead of the autumn tour of Gyre & Gimble's The Hartlepool Monkey, listen to a few of the show's tracks performed by composer Adam Pleeth. The Hartlepool Monkey is a brand new show we are developing for families, schools and adults which will tour the UK from September 2017. Told using bewitching puppetry, thrilling physicality, and evocative sea shanties, Gyre & Gimble's imaginative take on the infamous coastal myth will appeal to sea dogs and landlubbers, children and adults alike. Set during the Napoleonic Wars, The Hartlepool Monkey tells of a French cabin girl and the ship’s mascot, a chimpanzee, washed up on the shore following a shipwreck. The adults of the town panic at the arrival of these foreigners and mistake the military-uniformed monkey for a French spy, condemning him to a brutal life-or-death trial. This timely piece explores xenophobia - its causes and consequences – whilst celebrating mankind's innate ability to overcome prejudice. Founded by Finn Caldwe