Comicidal Podcast

Puerto Rican Enough?



Welcome back podcast fam! The PoYiF team is excited to get back into groove after their mid-season break and finish off their journey of exploring the reciprocal impact and influence art and identity have had on the island of Puerto Rico and its people. This episode will tackle the tension many members of the Puerto Rican diaspora experience with being a person of two identities or "bi-cultural" as guest host Navani Otero puts in. So join Wilson and Navani as they try to grapple with what it means to be "Puerto Rican Enough".   As mentioned by Lu in our ad, our composer Deviant Sounds sustained some major injuries via a car accident. If you are willing and able, any contribution to his gofundme (linked below) is truly appreciated.   Deviant Sounds gofundme.   As mentioned in our other ad, linked below are the websites you can visit that will help you with your donation efforts focused on Puerto Rican disaster relief.