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Welcome back to Rico en Sueños all! Lu and Wilson hope episode one was equal parts entertaining and enlightening because they're here to bring you the second submission of the season; and what a submission is it! They've got three fabulous and phenomenal guests for this episode -- Esmeralda Santiago, Isabel Dieppa, and Venessa Vida-Kelley -- who reflect and share their thoughts about the prominent cultural influence the people of Africa brought to the island of Puerto Rico during their enslavement, and how the blending of African, Taino, and Spanish traditions helped to shape Puerto Rico in the country it is today.   You can find all of Esmeralda's works via her website and follow her on Twitter - @Esmo.   For all things Isabel check out her website and her Twitter - @IsabelSDieppa.   For more of Manu and Venessa's works visit here and here, and also follow her on Twitter - @VScrivanoKelley (she's a big Wayward Son fan!)   If you're interested in the "War Against All Puerto Ricans" recommendation, con