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Power of You in Fiction 4: Spider-Man in the Mirror



Hey esteemed listeners and fans! Wilson and Lu are two-thirds of the way through their first full fledged special -- Power of You in Fiction -- and they're here to bring you a story that's a bit more close to home. A story of character identification, and the impact felt when we're able to see a direct reflection of ourselves within a fictional character. For this episode, Lu and Niyey will be serving as our major players. I hope you all enjoy this story and that you're able to find your very own Spider-Man in the Mirror. Peace and love (in comics)! ~TH-001 P.S. A most appreciative hat tip to our new audio engineer, Liam Kerwin, we're thrilled to have you on board!   Wanna connect with the Crew??? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @POYIFpod
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