Simon Scholes

Do You Give A Shit - The Social Media Podcast



YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS WEEKEND CUSTOMER SERVICE TOO Nobody has ever said starting or running your own business is easy, it’s not. Building a relationship with you and your customers is also just as hard. It takes a whole lot of patience and hard work. This is the same when it comes to growing a social media audience, patience is paramount. I’ve spoken often about patience, and many businesses and brands just don’t have it. When you’re creating content you need to work on the basis of value, and even more scarily for many businesses, giving it for FREE. So many people in industry currently are terrified of giving away too much information to potential customers, especially for FREE. For some reason we have it instilled into us that if someone knows how something is done they’ll go ahead and do it themselves rather than paying us for the service. I understand the principles of thermo dynamics, it doesn’t mean I could pop over to the states and start working for NASA. What we as business owners need to