Simon Scholes

Day Of Awesomeness - The Social Media Podcast



On today of all days it's worth celebrating your awesomeness on social media. I often speak about how you should be helping people remove a pain point with your marketing. giving them value over everything else.....however, let's face it, we're all in business to actually make MONEY.....There, I said it, selling and MONEY really are not dirty words. Trust me I "HATE" selling, it's a necessary evil for me to keep my business alive and me and my team doing what we love....creating content for your brands. However, should you be selling with every piece of content you put out, let's have a chat with how often you should be trying to get some cash in your pockets.....especially as we're not all Gary Vee and able to sell twice a year and make enough money to live on from our brands alone. Email: SOCIAL MEDIA ► Snapchat - ★ Twitter - ► Instagram - ★