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Who is the Man that would Risk his Neck for his Brother Man? Dr. Curt Jasper!



Who is the Man that Would Risk his Neck for his Brother Man?  Dr. Curt Jasper!   hello, Hello, HELLO friends!    And another one, another Superfriend that is! Were back to close out Men’s Health Month with PsychoEducator Dr. Curt Jasper!  Everyone is always looking for ways to keep their mental health in balance, Dr. Curt has all the answers! He’s the real deal y’all and breaking down all things mental health and the Black family.  Tune in to get this work, ya dig?   Here’s what you’ll learn during this episode: Mental health the Black Man’s way How self-healing led him on a path to heal others PsychoEducator, say what now? The key to mental health wellness is to heal the family   Resources: https://amzn.to/3kQUeli https://amzn.to/3iAv6MQ https://amzn.to/3iHzABt     Where to contact Dr. Curt https://www.drcurtisdjasper.com/ youareyourownsoulution.com/ http://www.conciergecounselingsolutions.com/ http://bit.ly/PsycheTodayDrCurt   Dr. Curt’s Bio Author-Speaker-Educator & Human Behavior Specialist who