Strici Iz Tujine

Domen Bohte | Jazz | Groningen | NYC



Born and raised in Novo mesto, Slovenia, he began his musical path at the age of 7, playing saxophone at the Marjana Kozine Music School. After 8 years of school, he decided to start playing bass, after visiting a Marcus Miller concert and feeling inspired by his virtuosity. For 4 years, he was playing both instruments, saxophone in the Big band Krško (playing in Montreux Jazz Festival) and doing various pop, rock, funk and R&B projects with bass. After finishing the Gymnasium, he decided to transfer his focus on bass only. He took lessons with a Slovenian bass player Robert Jukič for one year, applied at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen and is currently finishing his second year of bachelor studies there. He was exposed to every kind of music throughout his years and recorded with many different projects in Slovenia and the Netherlands. His main focus involves duo playing with the use of effects and playing contemporary genres of jazz with influences from hip hop, soul, afro-beat, drum’n’bass,