Janet Michelle Podcast

Finding My Happy Podcast Introduction



Hello beautiful people its Janet Michelle author of Finding My Happy Chucking the Duces to Toxic Thinking and founder of digital platform JanetMichelle.com. Welcome to the FMH Podcast I'm so elated to be at a place where I can get back to doing people work! The FMH podcast is based off of the topics covered in my book, Finding My Happy: Chucking the Deuces to Toxic Thinking which is available for purchase at Findingmyhappy.net and on Amazon.com. In it I share some pivotal moments in my life where I was able to identify the root of my toxic thinking. The podcast will take a deeper dive into those moments. I have also created a set of eleven workbooks which also explore the topics of abandonment, forgiveness, control, self esteem, leadership, beauty standards, and inadequacy, parenting, and much more. My hope is that by sharing you are encouraged to chuck the deuces to toxic thinking, find and maintain your happiness. Take Care.