Ibiza Sensations By Luis Del Villar

Ibiza Sensations 306 Christmas 2022 Special 3h. Set



Hey Amigos !! Welcome to Ibiza Sensations 306 Christmas 2022 Special 3h. Set. A set designed to be the perfect background for a meeting with the people you love. A lunch, a dinner, a while in front of the fireplace. I hope you like it and it gives you moments to remember forever. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Here we gooooo !!!  You can still listen for free to the first 250 Ibiza Sensations episodes. From 251 the sets became Premium and you can only listen 25 minutes for free. The Premium Series offers full listening plus 2 extra mixes every month and some exclusive Live Streamings. If you join the Premium Series now, you can get more than 100 hours of new mixes, and for only  2 euro monthly or 24 a year. Die ersten 250 Folgen von Ibiza Sensations könnt ihr euch noch in voller Länge anhören. Seit Episode 251 wurde der Podcast Premium, und Sie können nur 25 Minuten im öffentlichen Bereich hören. Das Abonnement der Premium-Serie ermöglicht es Ihnen, die gesamte Episode sowie jeden Monat zwei neue Premium