Kuch Khat Maayesha Ko | Radio Mirchi



Have you ever danced on waves, when sun was your spotlight and the sky rolled up like a blue curtain? Or when a flower smiled at you? Well, you would have if youve ever been in love. The late-night texts, coy smile, and violins playing in your heart; love does take one to a wonderland. But sometimes, it cannot be as rosy as you think. RJ Vashishth, a renowned Radio Mirchi Jock, was (and may be is) in love with a girl called Mayesha. Their love was nurtured with Gulzars poetry, Chai (tea) and books. But destiny played its antics and the road to love was not an easy one. The heartbreak got him into the lost art of letter writing and through these letters he says things he couldnt tell her in person.