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  • Conscious Launching: Making Authentic Decisions for Building Your Audience with Sage Polaris


    This week’s guest is Sage Polaris, a conscious launch strategist and copy coach to the internet rich and famous. Tune in to this episode to learn: About Sage Polaris About Sage Polaris: Sage Polaris has written high converting copy for more than 400+ clients earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service […]

  • Strategies for Increasing Completion Rates in Coaching Programs with Chris Davis

    22/11/2023 Duración: 42min

    In this episode, Chris Davis, founder of Automation Bridge and host of the All Systems Go! podcast, reveals his proven methods to increasing completion rates in a 1-to-many coaching program.  Tune in to learn: About Chris Davis Chris is passionate about ensuring the marketing automation space is the best it can be. He has over […]

  • Digital Marketing Trends to Watch: Rebecca Gill’s Expert Insights


    This week, we have a special guest Rebecca Gill, one of the founders of Digital Marketing Kitchen and serial entrepreneurs. Rebecca has a well-rounded business background within small businesses and enterprise organizations, as well as over twenty years of experience in sales and online marketing. In this episode, she brings her expertise to the table […]

  • Language as a Catalyst: Marketing Strategies to Align with Values with Natalia Sanyal


    In this episode, guest Natalia Sanyal shares her love for working with personal brands, using marketing and business to create real change. Natalia and Nathalie discuss the importance of validating business ideas, finding your own writing style, and giving agency to people. Natalia also touches on the importance of transparency, empathy, and integrity in marketing […]

  • The Fame Dilemma: Chasing the Spotlight vs. Quiet Success


    I was recently asked during my Scaling on Your Terms workshop, what went into my decision to take a step back from the spotlight.  (If you missed my live workshop, click here to register for the next one!) For context, if you’re new, this fellow business owner was talking about how I used to speak […]

  • Unapologetically You: Creating an Authentic Personal Brand with Lethia Owens


    In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us: the CEO of Irresistible Inc., Lethia Owens. Lethia is a leadership trainer who believes in leveraging her unique identity and strengths to create an authentic and purposeful brand. In this interview, she shares her journey of finding her fit in a corporate setting, the power […]

  • The Key to Automating Your Business with ActiveCampaign Specialist Kay Peacey


    Coming up on this episode of Off The Charts Business, we have a special guest, Kay Peacey, who is an expert in email marketing automation and ActiveCampaign. We’ll explore the power of automation in streamlining your business processes and hear success stories from small business owners who have experienced the transformative effects of strategic automation. […]

  • Becca Tracey: How To Build Your Business Without Social Media


    In this episode, Rebecca Tracey shares her unique insights and experiences on building a sustainable business without the pressure of perfection. With a focus on setting realistic goals, leveraging human connections, and embracing imperfections, Rebecca inspires listeners to take a slower, more deliberate approach in your own entrepreneurial endeavors. About Rebecca Tracey Rebecca Tracey is […]

  • Turning Rejections into Opportunities: Alice Draper’s Story of Personal Growth and Business Success


    This week, we are joined by a special guest, Alice Draper, a podcast publicist who is on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for under recognized women entrepreneurs. Alice shares her journey from freelance journalism to copywriting and eventually pivoting her business to focus on publicity. She dives into the importance of having […]

  • Exploring Bridge Jobs and Portfolio Careers: Insights from Lara Dalch


    This episode is packed with valuable advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and podcasters alike. Join us as Lara dives deep into her experiences in the HR and people and culture space, her insights on full-time employment versus freelancing, and the challenges and rewards of podcasting as a portfolio piece. About Lara Dalch Lara Dalch […]

  • From Chaos to Clarity: How Dana Malstaff Built a Successful Community-Based Membership


    In this episode of Off The Charts Business, Nathalie Lussier and guest Dana Malstaff reveal some groundbreaking insights on building a successful community and creating a thriving membership.  About Dana Malstaff Dana Malstaff is founder of the Nurture to Convert Society and author of the bestselling book, Boss Mom. She is a successful entrepreneur who, […]

  • From Membership to High-Ticket: Switching Models for Decreased Support and Increased Revenue with Marc Wayshak


    In this episode of Off The Charts Business, Nathalie Lussier and guest Marc Wayshak discuss the lucrative potential of individual sales versus big companies. Marc, a sales trainer, advocates for the growth achievable through sales training for individuals and underscores the role of tools like Teams for collaboration. He attributes a professional corporate image for […]

  • Finding Your Own Way: Breaking Free from Societal Prescriptions


    In life, there are many paths that are pre-determined for us. We are born within certain communities and families, in certain parts of the world. This instills in us certain worldviews, quirks, and assumptions. It’s from this subconscious training on how the world works that we make all of life’s choices. From what we should […]

  • Anti Hustle AF: How To Allow Your Intellectual Property to Create Time Freedom in Your Business with LaChelle Barnett


    On this episode of Off The Charts Business, we dive into the importance of having a clear destination or vision before crafting an effective path to success. Our guest, LaChelle Barnett, shares insights on building a personal brand, prioritizing ideas and expertise, and the crucial role of accountability for multi-talented individuals. LaChelle emphasizes the value […]

  • The Power of “Enough”: Cultivating Abundance in Both Money and Time


    When it comes to time and money, we all feel like there’s not enough. And in a sense, it’s true. It would be nice to have unlimited time and unlimited funds. But if you’re reading or listening to this, chances are that you have the ability to experience a new relationship with money and time. […]

  • How to Make Consistent Course Sales with Email with Tarzan Kay


    On this episode of Off The Charts Business, Nathalie Lussier and guest Tarzan Kay dive deep into the world of email marketing. They discuss how often to send emails, finding the right balance between nurturing and selling, and treating a small list as an opportunity for personalized marketing. Tarzan shares tips on email subject lines, […]

  • What’s a Good Way to Spend a Life? Plus Why I Moved to a Farm


    Do you ever stop to ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth doing? Not when you’re undertaking a chore like washing the dishes or taking out the recycling… But when you zoom out to look at your life? Much of what we spend our time doing is influenced by the culture around us. In […]

  • One Trick to Increase The Profitability of Your Membership Site with Matt Inglot


    On this episode of Off The Charts Business, we sit down with Matt Ingot, founder of Tilted Pixel, to discuss the ins and outs of building and scaling successful membership sites. From understanding your target audience by surveying them to using data to find solutions to recurring problems, Matt shares his analytical approach to membership […]

  • Rewarding Failure & Why Women Don’t Brag


    Maybe this story sounds familiar if you’re a woman in tech, or anyone who doesn’t fit the traditional mold in any given field. In this episode, I share my experience with the “golden boys” I met at a party who were celebrating their software launch. I was initially swept up by the hype, only to […]

  • Stop Bottlenecking – How to Sustainably Scale with Breanne Dyck


    In this episode of the Off the Charts Business podcast, Natalie Lussier speaks with Breanne Dyck from the Visionary CEO Academy. They discuss the concept of scaling a business, including how bottlenecks can’t be entirely eliminated, only moved. The episode offers actionable ideas and real-world examples to help multi-passionate entrepreneurs design a scalable business and […]

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