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  • #24: Hey, Let's Talk

    29/12/2015 Duración: 38min

    In the final episode of the Weekly Briefing for 2015, Dan, Rivka, and Rob take listener questions on whether fee-for-service is really going to die (starts at the 1:30 mark), if safety-net hospitals are doomed (9:30), the biggest unsolved problems in health care (16:00), if the health care industry is accurately portrayed by the media (25:00), what the next president will mean for health care (28:30), and the secrets of how they make the podcast (30:45).

  • #23: Year In Review

    22/12/2015 Duración: 52min

    Dan, Rivka, and Rob recap the year in health care and run through four of the biggest trends: Payer and provider consolidation (starts at the 3:45 mark), payment transformation (15:20), the growing role of tech firms (22:55), and consumerism (36:00). Then stick around for the last Electives of the year, including articles from two of our favorite authors and a different way to watch one classic holiday movie.

  • #22: This Is A Big Deal

    17/12/2015 Duración: 47min

    Congress just agreed to a massive $1.1 trillion budget deal — with major implications for health care — and Dan, Rivka, and Rob break it down.(Starts at the 3:30 mark.) Then they're joined by Anne Filipic, the head of Enroll America, to discuss how this year's open enrollment period is going. (16:25.) And stick around until the end for the most emotional electives yet. (32:50.) NOTICE: We're doing an episode that's entirely listener Q&A, and we'd love to take your questions on the air! Email us at or leave a voicemail at 202-266-5618 by Monday October 21.

  • #21: Don't Shoot The Messenger

    10/12/2015 Duración: 36min

    More than 30,000 people die every year because of gun violence, and Dan, Rivka, and Rob discuss whether it makes sense to think about gun control as a public health issue. (Starts at 2:05.) They also debate the rising cost of pharmaceutical drugs and whether we're paying too much attention to Sovaldi and Martin Shkreli. (Starts at 17:25.) And they close the show with their electives, including their accidental tribute to the New York Times Upshot blog. (Starts at 26:15.)