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  • S5E19: Resolving Sibling Rivalry with Intentionality and Openness

    16/05/2022 Duración: 47min

    Tired of your children bickering all the time?  It’s frustrating when your children fight. Whether they’re having screaming matches or downright ignoring each other, it can be difficult to figure out how to help them reconcile. Such situations can make parents feel helpless, and temporary solutions aren’t the answer; what your children need is a family culture that empowers them to be intentional, open, and responsible. In this episode of The Mentee Podcast, Vicki Ellis, founder of Heritage Ranch, draws from her experience to share tips on resolving sibling rivalries. She discusses how to create a healthy family culture and strong relationships — between parents and children and between siblings. Here are some power takeaways from today's conversation: Learn each other’s love languages. Give everyone the space to express their needs. Create opportunities for your children to work together. Discuss victories and struggles with the family. Be intentional about spending family time. [07:23] Know What Fill

  • S5E18: The Power of Conversations, Intentionality, and Behavior toward the Good Life

    09/05/2022 Duración: 28min

    What does a good life look like for you? Sometimes, we get trapped in the life we're expected to live. Think about the life you truly want. That life is the good life you deserve — and it's valid whether other people expect it of you or not. In this episode of The Mentee Podcast, Wyatt shares the things he learned throughout the years of hosting the podcast. He discusses how to gain clarity on your goals, act with intent towards them, and achieve extraordinary success. Here are some power takeaways from today's conversation: Knowing what you want leads you to success The good life is about being clear on who and what you want to become Work on bridging the gap, but remember to celebrate your gains Join conversations that will bring you closer to your goals With intentional and consistent behavior, you’ll find motivation [00:46] The Hack For Extraordinary Success The good life is whatever you want your life to be. Define your purpose: your big "why." Once you find clarity around your future self, you can make

  • S5E17: Extend Your Life: A Physical Fitness Journey with Howard Aaron

    02/05/2022 Duración: 01h03min

    Are you wondering how you can live a longer, more fulfilling life? Many of us resort to external means, like testosterone replacement therapy, in hopes of achieving this. What we fail to realize is that with a little discipline, we work to can extend our lives ourselves. In this episode of The Mentee Podcast, Howard Aaron shares his tips, tricks, and knowledge on how to extend your life by simply maintaining an active lifestyle. You’d never be able to tell he’s turning 70 — what’s stopping you from being the same? Howard also talks about blocking out the “noise between your ears” and how, by doing this, you can achieve so much more. Here are some power takeaways from today's conversation: Exercise is important, but rest and recovery are just as crucial to increasing testosterone levels By blocking out the “noise between your ears”, you can allow yourself to reach higher heights There are many natural alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy available Consistency trumps infrequent activities that only

  • S5E16: How to Bounce Back and Build a Successful Business with Justin Donald

    25/04/2022 Duración: 51min

    Are you torn between your passion and your profession? Many people dream of earning passive income and achieving financial independence without being tied to jobs they dislike. It can seem like these are two mutually exclusive concepts, but fortunately, there are ways to make it work. In this episode of The Mentee Podcast, Justin Donald shares his experiences in the real estate ventures sector and offers advice on becoming a lifestyle investor. He also talks about buying back your time and how your passion and profession can both lie on a single plane. Here are some power takeaways from today's conversation: Continuous cash flow is key to financing the lifestyle you want Choose who you involve in your business ventures wisely to get the best offers Quality trumps quantity when managing your team  Buy back your time and earn back your life [9:15] Justin’s Journey of Becoming a Lifestyle Investor Justin’s humble beginnings in entrepreneurial investing date back to his college days, when he first had to fe

  • S5E15: Living With God’s Given Identity and Purpose

    18/04/2022 Duración: 01h08min

    Are you looking for ways to live the life you’ve always wanted? Every living soul in this world has a purpose. We were all born to live the lives we desire and make a positive impact. But sometimes, people, experiences, and many other things keep us from living our God-given purpose and reaching our potential.  In this episode of The Mentee Podcast, Craig Hill shares powerful lessons you can apply to help you enrich your life and tap into your potential. He also talks about preventing generational curses and the significance of blessings in life. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Living by the ancient paths can improve your life Listening to God’s voice will help you understand your purpose You can change what's in your heart Through God, you can overcome your shame and self-loathing Bless your children instead of hurting them Guilt and shame are not the same Episode Highlights: [09:16] Living by the Ancient Paths There are ancient paths that control all elements of life, includin

  • S5E14: How to Go From Military to Millionaire

    11/04/2022 Duración: 39min

    Are you building your wealth towards a financially secure future?  Everybody wants financial stability, but certain factors and even personal decisions can lead you to make choices you’ll regret. The “YOLO” life can be tempting. You might want to invest your money wisely but just don’t know how — don’t let these things stop you from becoming the millionaire you can be. Here at The Mentee Podcast, we know that handling your finances wisely is easier said than done. So we’re relaunching an episode with David Pere, founder of the Military Millionaire Community, where he talks about his journey in building wealth and success — and how you can too. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Spend your money wisely  Put a percentage of your paycheck into a bond account Be consistent with your content and brand Learn to leverage VA loans Start contributing to your 401(k) Fix your credit and purchase a property using a VA loan Episode Highlights: [05:05] Spend Wisely The first secret to getti

  • S5E13: Practical Tips for Entrepreneur Dads

    04/04/2022 Duración: 26min

    How much time do you devote to your work and family?  We all want our businesses to succeed, but at what cost? If your life revolves around your work alone, it may be time to reassess how you view your relationships with your work and family.  Here at The Mentee Podcast, we know how difficult it is to be both a good parent and entrepreneur, but we want to remind you that at the end of the day, your family is as important as your business. In this episode, Craig Kessler, author of The Dad Advice Project, talks all about his journey of writing his book and becoming a better dad.  Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Being open about your struggles can help you find support  Parenting is both a responsibility and a privilege   Children need both good parents and good mentors   Exposing your children to your work or business gives them a head start  Don’t feel guilty about spending time with your family  Episode Highlights: [04:44] Craig’s Jou

  • S5E12: The Secret to Networking: Serve Others, Not Yourself

    28/03/2022 Duración: 35min

    Are you a hunter or a fisherman? Hunting prey makes it run away, but fish come to the fisherman. But, wait—what does this have to do with networking and entrepreneurship? The answer lies in how you act around your potential clients — do you serve others, or yourself? Here in The Mentee Podcast, we are launching an episode all about living your good life, networking, and creating the wow factor in your life — and those of your clients. Joe Sweeney, a passionate entrepreneur and networking expert, will explain his strategies on how to network and serve others. The secret to good networking isn't what most people think it is! Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Life can bring you to many places and heights Networking is a place to give and not to get Be a fisherman, not a hunter The best networkers are good listeners, not talkers Serve others to wow them Be a calculated risk-taker Episode Highlights: [03:41] Joe’s Journey After finishing his MBA, Joe Sweeney bought four manufacturing compan

  • S5E11: The One Shocking Mistake That Is Killing Your Dreams

    21/03/2022 Duración: 30min

    Who are the people surrounding you? You need the right people around you to grow. Your dreams are your future, and letting the wrong people in is the easiest way to sabotage your life. These wrong people are the ones who don't support you, leading you away from success. They might even think they're helping you, but the truth is, they're pulling you down. How do you deal with that, cultivate an abundance mindset, and move towards your dream life? This is an episode with a message that will never get outdated. Jeff talks about the one mistake killing your dream and what you can do to stop it from sabotaging your life. As a special gift, Dominic D’Amico joins him to share how taking action is easier than you think. Be brave, eyes up! Maintain an abundance mindset, and you can do anything. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Identify the toxic people in your life Coach or cut off toxic people Get ready to have difficult conversations Don’t expect people to change overnight Go out and take ac

  • S5E10: Leveraging Relationships and Building Resilience with James Webb

    14/03/2022 Duración: 54min

    Investor, author, and advisor, James Harold Webb was already selling potholders and newspapers, and offering lawn mowing services at 8 years old. Many years later, James left his job as a radiology technologist to start his own business that he even got his former boss as the first to invest. He was able to grow his company so massively that he has left a mark in the medical imaging space. James attributes a huge part of his success to the relationships he has built throughout his career.  In today’s discussion, James talks about the concept of allowing people in your company to have equity while still having control over it. James lays out the idea of giving financial independence to people within your company. It gives you the ability to create an organization where people are committed to helping you become successful because what they’re getting is beyond their W-2 paycheck. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: The value of relationships Understanding employee equity James’ defini

  • S5E9: Living the Life You Want, Not What Others Think You Want with Cody Caswell

    07/03/2022 Duración: 43min

    Do you really want to work the next 30 years of your career trying to build up a $100-million net worth because it’s what you really want – or just to say you have a $100-million net worth? An extremely driven entrepreneur, Cody Caswell found himself trying to stick with the entrepreneurial status quo, living a life others expected him to live and seeing himself from the lens of other people who have their own vision of what an entrepreneur should look like. Eventually, he chose to forge his own path and live life through his own lens.  Cody Caswell is an example of what having clarity of your future self looks like. He shed his ego to live the life he wanted. Today, Cody has a flipping company and does general contract work for some other people. He also has a short-term hold company in the heavy rehab space as well as portfolio rentals with a total of 70 doors. His goal is to never have to sell anything, and the only reason he has the flipping company is to make money to fund the rental. Here are some

  • S5E8: Creating a Life by Design with Chris Goodman

    28/02/2022 Duración: 50min

    Part and parcel of every person’s growth, whether in business or life, is that constant yearning for learning. And when you take the time to really get to know what you want, seeking clarity through curiosity, and you do that with consistency – relentless growth happens. However, a big part of success is to grow, not to the point of burning out from all the grinding, but rather finding that alignment.  In this conversation Chris Goodman, CEO of Goodman Coaching and host of Relentless Growth Podcast, talks about growth, alignment, and creating life by design.  Chris currently offers three different coaching platforms. The first is one-on-one coaching, which is the most intimate, deep form of coaching. The second is a group coaching platform where they coach eight to ten CEOs for three to four months at a time. The third is breakthrough coaching, which is one-on-one coaching with the two coaches Chris hired, perfect for business owners who are just getting started. Here are some power takeaways from t

  • S5E7: Living the Dream of Financial Freedom with Blake Walker

    21/02/2022 Duración: 48min

    In today’s conversation, Blake Walker shares his journey from working as a W-2 physical therapist to becoming a full-time real estate investor. Blake discusses how he used his W-2 as a backing and leveraged the power of mentorship to upgrade his life, ultimately achieving financial freedom, which is really about the freedom to do what you want, when you want – with the people you love.  Investing the $30,000-gift he got from his mom before she died, Blake eventually figured things out and built his wealth in real estate, going from one property in 2016 to now 42 doors and having a franchise in the same company as his mentor. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Getting into Gobundance’s Emerge Overcoming the fear of asking Going from “I should” to “I must” Putting yourself around the right people The goal-getter vs. the goal- setter Getting his first deal Holding a property vs. flipping it The true meaning of financial freedom Episode Highlights: [09:13] Finding a  Mentor Find p

  • S5E6: In a Room Full of Highly Successful People with Brian Luebben

    14/02/2022 Duración: 01h01min

    How do you create boundless opportunities? Sometimes, all you need to do is surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be. Get into a relationship with them, and the best way to do that is to offer them value. Ask them what you can do to serve them. That is the premise of The Mentee Podcast. In today’s conversation, Brian Luebben shares his story of how he got into the room with a group of millionaires and how he tripled his net worth after meeting them in just 12 months. There weren’t any direct business relationships or direct partnerships that occurred. He simply grew into the conversations around him. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Overcoming the fear of getting in the room with big people Generating passive income through house hacking How it’s like house hacking your actual house Brian’s hunger to maximize opportunities The power of putting yourself in a room full of successful people Joining Emerge by GoBundance Episode Highlights: [08:25] Overcoming the

  • S5E5: How DJ Savoy Hit His 10-Year Goal in Just Five Months!

    07/02/2022 Duración: 57min

    In 2014, with only a $10,000-investment out of pocket, DJ Savoy partnered up with his former colleagues to buy a HomeVestors Franchise. They grew the real estate business tremendously, hitting their 10-year goal of buying 10 houses in just five months. Eight years later, they have now amassed a rental portfolio of around 225 doors! In today’s conversation, DJ shares some great insights into building long-term wealth as well as some nuggets of universal truths to inspire you to become more of who you already are. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Finding gratitude from growing up in an abusive household DJ’s spiritual awakening in 2010 The power of forgiveness Hitting a 10-year goal in just 5 months Building long-term wealth A message of faith and hope How to facilitate courage within you Having the hunger and a vision for better, bigger, and more Being intentional about your goals Episode Highlights: [11:26] The Power of Forgiveness Resentment is the poison that we drink hoping that th

  • S5E4: The 4 Mechanisms of Early Financial Independence with Dan Sheeks

    31/01/2022 Duración: 48min

    What would happen if we were able to teach teenagers financial independence? High school teacher, real estate investor, and net worth millionaire, Dan Sheeks, joins me today as we discuss his newest book, First to a Million: A Teenager’s Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence. Although written for teenagers, Dan wrote the book for anyone who is getting into the idea of early financial independence and seeking to carve out their path to a good life. Not every young person is interested in learning and focusing on their financial future – and not every adult is either. But you also don’t have to wait to achieve financial freedom till you’re 65 because you can always start now. Options, options, options! Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: What is financial freedom? Why many people don’t reach financial independence The 4 mechanisms of early financial independence The premise behind First to a Million About BiggerPockets What Dan’s investment portfolio looks like Episode Highlights:

  • S5E3: Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable with Calvin Chin

    25/01/2022 Duración: 43min

    Calvin Chin is the co-founder and CEO of Zen Coast University, an online coaching mastermind that builds people’s knowledge in real estate investing.   Calvin grew up thinking he should get a corporate job and get his head down until he retired at 65 with the white picket fence and two and a half kids. He was doing what society thought was successful. Eventually, he started investing in real estate, now having options other than just the W-2. He then scaled up to apartment complexes with 88 units across the United States.  Having climbed the first mountain of achieving personal success, Calvin now climbs his second mountain – the legacy piece. He co-founded Zen Coast University, along with his fiance, Jennie, so they can teach people how to create passive income and thereby create a passive impact on the community and the world. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: The second mountain How he made his first deal Being comfortable with being uncomfortable Tapping into the powe

  • S5E2: Reflections on Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within

    18/01/2022 Duración: 30min

    If you've been to several retreats, you're probably familiar with the emotional high that you get from attending them. You leave the event feeling on fire. Then that fire fades over time as the mundane schedules of life set in. But just because the intensity of your fire is fading doesn't mean you're failing. It doesn't mean that you're not succeeding or you're off course. And so, my goal for this episode is to help you hold on to that mindset. Today, I’m sharing some reflections on my first ever Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within. It’s amazing how those people who attended the event were surrounded by empathetic witnesses – all in alignment with the same goal of getting in a peak state and unleashing the power within.  Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: Goal setting and strengthening your relationship with your goals Creating a compelling vision of your future Creating the right habits Changing your environment The shape of success Celebrating the gains Revisiting a

  • S5E1: Passing On Your Legacy of Growth, Grit, Wealth, and Intentionality with Don Wenner

    14/01/2022 Duración: 54min

    According to statistics, around 70% of first-generation wealth is lost by the second generation over 90% of the time and they're “back to shirtsleeves” by the third generation. This is where the adage "shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" actually came from, which puts the family legacy at risk. So how do you reverse this cycle and not become another statistic? In this episode, Don Wenner reveals the real secret to success, happiness, and fulfillment – the power of intentionality. You have to make sure you’re bringing it into all eight F’s of your life – faith, family, friends, freedom, fun, film, fitness, and finance.  An expert in scaling high-growth high-profit businesses, Don is the founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, a multi-faceted private real estate investment company that specifically invests in workforce housing in the hope to impact the workforce housing affordability crisis, the jobs crisis, the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” crisis, the legacy crisi

  • S4E19: Why Maintaining The Balance Is Overrated - The Six Levels Of Mastering Your Productive Self With Jerome Myers

    07/06/2021 Duración: 53min

    It is impossible to take a single step forward without shifting the balance. To liberate yourself from the state of inertia and stressful, destructive habits, you must get up-close and personal with your self-image, understand your current and desired circumstances, and develop communication that will let you FOCUS. To grasp the merit of self-actualization, one must understand that practical, spiritual, or mental success is a journey that starts with introspection. In episode 19, Jerome and I walk you through the six levels of liberation from the permanent stressors in your life. From the anxiety of failure, to a sheer inability to challenge the status quo, we are led to believe that transforming our personality and skillset is an instant process. That is the fundamental reason behind many failures. We must not overlook the underlying process that fuels the transformation of our minds. Jerome is an exceptional apartment investor, real estate expert, and a host of the dreamcatchers and Myers methods podcasts.

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