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A life coach based in Barcelona who aims to help you focus first, get your mindset in order and achieve your dreams. And all in less than 30 minutes per podcast!


  • Time to think

    Time to think


    It has been a number of months since my last podcast, and I want to tell you why. I have been reflecting and trying to refocus on my life, and believe that many people may need to do this too. Let me know your comments below

  • Using SMART goal setting

    Using SMART goal setting


    In my last podcast I talked about the pitfalls of goal settings, now we need to learn how to set real and lasting goals. The best way is to set SMART goals. In this podcast I take you through the SMART approach of setting goals.

  • Pitfalls in goal setting

    Pitfalls in goal setting


    In this episode I talk about the pitfalls people encounter in goal setting. The truth is you can begin to set goals at anytime of the year, but you need to be aware of the pitfalls. So many people don't complete their goals, and this podcast will o...

  • Vision boards

    Vision boards


    When I was working in the States last year I saw that all my co-workers had vision boards. Each and every day they would look at their vision board and know what the reasons were for them to be there 8, 9 or 10 hours a day working hard. In this weeks...

  • Visualisation - Why it is important

    Visualisation - Why it is important


    Over the next few expisodes I want to talk about visualisation and why it is important to understand how it works. You see what we visualise we can achieve or we can receive - this can be positive things and not so positive things so be careful. List...

  • Auditory people - how to communicate with them

    Auditory people - how to communicate with them


    In the last of my episodes on communicating with people I talk about auditory people who respond best to listening and will use various phrases related to sound! Learn the secrets of how to build a better relationship with your boss if they are audito...

  • Kinesthetic people and how to communicate with them

    Kinesthetic people and how to communicate with them


    This week I talk about how to communicate with kinesthetic people and what style of language you should use. It is very important that we remember that each person has their preferred style of communication and when you communicate on this level to th...

  • Communicating with visual people

    Communicating with visual people


    Over the last number of podcasts we have looked at communication and the important of ensuring you are a good storyteller, you use the right body language, but what about making sure you speak the language of the other person? I am not talking about s...

  • Body Language Part 2

    Body Language Part 2


    Second part of my body langauge podcast. In this episode I discuss more about body language and what you need to look out for. Remember that this is intended as a guide and not an exact science as sometimes you may read the body language and assume so...

  • Body Language Part 1

    Body Language Part 1


    It is said that we communicate more with our body then with our words. However most people don't even realise that they are communicating with their body and what their body says is a lot more important than the words they use! In this weeks podcast ...

  • More Story telling techniques

    More Story telling techniques


    It't time to share even more story telling techniques with you, listen to this weeks podcast where I continue to discuss how becoming a storyteller is going to help you communicate and connect with your audience more. I do mention NLP or Neuro Linguis...

  • Becoming a better storyteller

    Becoming a better storyteller


    Did you know that the key to great communication is being a great story teller? People love stories and good communicators know that. Now it's time to learn how you too can become a better communicator, are you ready? This podcast and the next is go...

  • Being a better conversationalist

    Being a better conversationalist


    Having a conversation with someone is a really important skill. After all it is how we communicate, socialise and make new friends. If you feel you could improve on your conversation skills or you would like some tips then this podcast is perfect for ...

  • Active listening

    Active listening


    Following on from last week and listening I decided that this week I would discuss the art of active listening and give you some tips on how you can become a better and more active listener. The truth is once you become a more active listener you ...

  • Listening!



    A simple title and a simple thing to do right? We all listen to each other. Yes on varying levels of the listening scale! But I think listening is a skill we have lost! In the next few podcasts I want to talk about listening and communciation in ge...

  • Setting boundaries and limits in your life

    Setting boundaries and limits in your life


    This is a topic I could talk about all day! You see we need to make sure that we live a good life but I believe we should set limits and boundaries and know when we should stop For example, over eating is bad for you - that's a fact, so if you find y...

  • Special Edition Podcast - Life is Precious

    Special Edition Podcast - Life is Precious


    Hi all, another special edition podcast, as I felt moved to record it after hearing some sad news on facebook about a school friend who passed away. I had lost touch with him, but I still have very fond memories of him I hope what I say will make you ...

  • Special edition podcast - which wolf do you feed?

    Special edition podcast - which wolf do you feed?


    Did you know you have two wolves inside you fighting? One is good one is evil. Everyone has these wolves but the question is which one do you feed and why does it matter. Find out with this special edition podcast

  • Balance in your life

    Balance in your life


    Living a balanced life can be very difficult, but it's a fact that having a balanced life is important. Too much of one part of your life is bad, be that too much fun and too little work, or too much work and too much fun! This weeks podcast gives yo...

  • Life purpose Part 2

    Life purpose Part 2


    Ok so now that you know a little bit more about your life purpose it is time to get into more detail focus even more. This is part 2 of my life purpose podcast

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