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Meet the Flumphites, a colourful cast of characters who meet every Sunday for tabletop roleplaying fun! D&D 5th Edition is the game of choice, but other formats such as Apocalypse World and a homebrew 5th Edition Planescape campaign we call Flumphscape are also on the docket. If youve ever wanted to watch a D&D game that focuses on storytelling, roleplaying and having fun first and foremost, Flumphs for you! The campaign: Flumphscape - D&D 5th Edition Planescape - A 5th Edition twist on the Planescape setting, our heroes living in Sigil awake one day to find a keepsake stolen. The following day, they find it returned with a curious mark and a letter from a mysterious figure known only as Aunt Nancy. When they come together to seek Aunt Nancy out, its revealed to them that theyve been chosen as a team in a game that sees them trekking across the planes. The rules? Stay alive. DM: Brickroad Players: -Destil as Serenity, the Genasi Barbarian -TyrMcDohl (McDohl #1) as El Ciclon, the Githzerai Monk -Taeveril (McDohl #2) as Kelian, the Aasimar Rogue -Nich as Riot, the Tiefling Bard -Nodal as Mahogany, the Genasi Druid Join us Sundays at 2PM Eastern on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/brickroadbrickroad


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