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Athlete Approved is a leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Justin Lord & Tom Wyles talk CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, Nutrition, Health and generally ways to improve your CrossFit & Athletic Performance with themselves and multiple athletes in the field and relevant experts. Join us here, improve your performance and health and have some fun!


  • Episode 2 Great British Box Tour - Reebok CrossFit Connect

    09/02/2014 Duración: 31min

    So, the great british box tour proudly supported by Progenex is well underway. The Athlete Approved Team are touring the UK's CrossFit Boxes, delivering seminars, dishing out progenex goodies and running a UK wide CrossFit WOD which will run on a UK leader board on the website Today in this episode we talk to Holly and Barnaby about their experience with opening and running a CrossFit Box in Brighton. Some great things came out of this episode and we'll be implementing some of their cool ideas into our box!

  • Episode 1: Endurance or Strength Background, Which background is Better When Starting CrossFit and Why We Sometimes Need to Go 'Old School' in Our Training Programs to Improve QUICKLY!

    30/10/2013 Duración: 15min

    In today's show Justin Lord & Tom Wyles discuss the differences between 2 athletes who come from entirely different backgrounds, Tom from an endurance background and Justin with a strength background. Both athletes started CrossFit at about the same time, but which athlete is finding it easier to progress in the quest for the CrossFit European Regionals? They both discuss their own backgrounds, their accomplishments and how they are feeling with their program as it currently stands. Both athletes train at CrossFit 1664 in Aldershot, UK home of the team competition 'Box Rocks' and 'Paleo in a Box, Performance Enhanced Paleo' Program & 'Athlete Approved'.