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This is the IGN All-Star Community Podcast. Hosted by Jakejames Lugo, Peter Lopez, and David Quigley. You can be a part of the podcast by sending us your questions and comments to allstarpod@hotmail.com. Interact with us on on Twitter by following the show @AllStarPod, Jakejames @Venomousfatman1, and Peter @Pete_L0pez.


  • Episode 46


    A purported NX controller leak is making the rounds, the VR hype train is full steam ahead, and we're only allowed to play one game so we have to make our choices. Follow the show @Allstarpod on Twitter and email us at allstarpod@hotmail.com

  • Episode 45


    The merits of a $1200 movie ticket preorder, the games we’d play forever, and the death (?) of E3. Follow the show: @Allstarpod on Twitter and allstarpod@hotmail.com.

  • Episode 44


    This week we’re discussing the most underrated Final Fantasy game, our biggest accomplishments in gaming, and whether the sexualization of characters in Street Fighter and other franchises is being made into a bigger issue than it really is. But that’s not all, you can also play along as we do our best at some Legend […]

  • Episode 43


      Controversy is brewing over allegations of a fixed match marketing stunt for Street Fighter V, we compare the Internet to specific movies, and discuss gaming headsets. Write the show at allstarpod@hotmail.com or Tweet @Allstarpod.

  • Episode 42


      We remember GameTrailers.com and discuss writing for the games industry after one of us has his first review published for IGN. Follow the show on Twitter @Allstarpod and email us at allstarpod@hotmail.com

  • Episode 41


      A controversy over claimed censorship has been brewing over the new Fire Emblem game, one of us is hooked on Crypt of the NecroDancer, and is The Division Destiny 2.0? Send us your comments to allstarpod@hotmail.com or tweet us @Allstarpod.

  • Episode 40


    IGN Freelancer Michael Martin joins us for Episode 40. Topics include Nintendo NX rumors, game review objectivity, and games that require teamwork. Send your comments to @Allstarpod on Twitter or email to allstarpod@hotmail.com

  • Episode 39


    We kick off 2016 with a discussion of games brought into the Unity Engine, Amazon offering 20% off new games, and whether or not the gaming community has become too dependent on online services. Our Trivia Time segment is back as two of our hosts are grilled about Earthbound. Send your feedback to allstarpod@hotmail.com or […]

  • Season 2 Episode 22


    Join us this week for the latest in the ongoing saga of Konami and Kojima, and hear all three of our game of the year choices for 2015! You can write the show at allstarpod@hotmail.com or on Twitter @Allstarpod.

  • Season 2 Episode 21


    This week we prepare you for Black Friday by giving an overview of the upcoming deals that will be available, then we take a deep dive into how relationships between games media and publishers should be. Write the show by at allstarpod@hotmail.com and on Twitter @Allstarpod.