An LGBT podcast for nerds! We talk about all aspects of gaymer life, especially our favorite type of video game, the MMO.


  • JSL03: Pay2Play  other things (LIVE recording)

    JSL03: Pay2Play & other things (LIVE recording)


    In a brilliant change of pace, we record the show on Google Hangout. In this episode we cover the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn, the rise of the pay2play model, Neverwinter’s expansion, and of course dabble into EverQuest Next. Enjoy the show! Audio Direct Download:  Joystick Love Episode 3 Advertisements

  • JSL02: Everquest Next, Design Philosophies

    JSL02: Everquest Next, Design Philosophies


    Direct download: Episode 2 Joystick Love is a podcast for the LGBT nerds and the fellow Everquest Next fans. In episode 2, we discuss the apparent design philosophies of Everquest Next from the information we have from SOE Live 2013. Leave us a comment! Twitter: @JoystickLove; Facebook: JoystickLove; here on the blog, or email us at […]

  • JSL01: Three Stupid Queens

    JSL01: Three Stupid Queens


    Direct download: Episode 1 — – Topics – EverQuest (EQ) EverQuest II (EQ2) EverQuest Next (EQNext) — You can leave us a comment here on the blog. or You can also e-mail us at: joysticklov at gmail dot com