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  • Can God really forgive


    Do we really know and believe that Christ forgives our sins? Or do we let the Devil beat us up over things that God has forgiven.

  • Mocking God for Christians


    Let's face it - most Christians would NEVER mock God, right? Strangely enough, many Christians today do! Explore this topic further in this week's episode of SFTW Podcast

  • Strange Fire in the Church


    Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) is a hot-button topic in today's Churches. Half of the church wants to embrace this attempt at sanctifying the music of the World, while the other half claims that embracing it is a recipe for disaster. Learn more about Music in this weeks episode of SFTW Podcast!

  • In the trenches


    Many treat the Christian life as if it was a pleasure cruise, not a battle zone! Be inspired to fight the good fight through this week's message from SFTW Podcast!

  • Little Foxes


    Idols are like little foxes - crafty, deceitful, even cute in their infancy. But when they grow up, they devour your walk with God. Learn more about them and how to defeat the Little Foxes in your life, in this weeks episode of SFTW Podcast

  • Overcoming Lust P5


    Today we have the final part of Dave's series on overcoming lust! Enjoy!

  • Satisfying Lust


    Continuing with our series on Lust - this week Part 4

  • Overcoming Lust Part 3


    This week we return to Dave's series on this little preached on topic- dealing with Lust. Do you struggle with your thought life? Finding it hard to stay pure on the inside? This message is sure to be a blessing to you!

  • How to Dampen Your Flesh


    This week we take a short break from Dave's series on Lust to hear a relevent message from Jeff Williams on dampening your flesh. Parents! Hear tips on encouraging your kids to grow in their walk with Christ rather than their fleshly lusts. A not to be missed episode from SFTW Podcast!

  • Our Standard for Change


    Is your life plagued with lust? Do you really want to change but find it hard to remain pure? Listen to Part 2 of our series on combating lust. Only from Straight From the Word Podcast

  • David's Mistake


    David was a man after God's own heart and yet he messed up with Bathsheba. Learn how he fell and how we can avoid the same mistake in this 1st part of a new SFTW series. 1Co_10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

  • God is just judge


    People from many countries know how hard it is to do right in a land when the judicial system is corrupt. However, we Christians can be thankful that GOD ALMIGHTY is not! He always does what is right, which is a great comfort, considering the fact that we must all give an account of ourselves to him! Explore this idea further in this week's edition of SFTW Podcast

  • Rewards for the Faithful Christian


    As if God didn't offer enough already - Eternal life, joy, peace, abundant life.. etc. Admit it, we Christians are pretty blessed, even through the trials and testings that we go through. But (as the tele-marketers say) wait, theres more! God, in his grace, has provided rewards for faithful Christians treasures laid up for them. Find out more in this weeks episode of SFTW Podcast

  • The missing ingredient in missions


    Gilbert Anger is a traveling missionary with over 30 years experience in training national Pastors all over the world. Listen to him speak at our

  • Running your race


    Guest preacher, Bro Dean Delema from Qubec, Canada.

  • Excuses


    Gideon had all kinds of excuses to give God, but God only wanted him to take up his cross and follow Him! Learn about common excuses people give God in exchange for their service, and how to avoid them - this week on SFTW Podcast

  • We NEED each other


    The church is likened unto a body and each one of us have need of one another! Learn more about this fascinating concept in this weeks message.

  • How to Witness to Muslims PT2


    This week on SFTW we discuss the Christchurch Earthquake and what EVERY Christian, Cantabriun or not, needs to learn from the quakes. For the message, learn how to witness to Muslims in Part 2 of our two part series.

  • What the Bible says about Angels


    Angels. The lost world is fascinated with them. Many believers are caught up with them, even elevating them to the place of a god in some cases. But what does the Bible teach about them? Arm yourself with the answers in this edition of SFTW Podcast